Date 9: The Vegan

If you are wondering what happened with Leah after The Pub Crawl Part 2, this is what happened:
The Pub Crawl Part 3

We arranged to go for a Wednesday cinema date but didn’t plan the finer details until that day. It was quite tricky finding a cinema between us which had a film we would see on at a decent time. We went back and forth on this a few times and then Leah suggested it we left it to another day. I was a bit bummed out about this but I didn’t mind too much.

We later decided to meet up on the Sunday instead. I had a lot to do in the morning so again we hadn’t decided on the exact time to meet up. When I text Leah after lunch she told me that she thought I didn’t want to meet up since I hadn’t text her in the morning and made other plans. This really got under my skin since she was aware I had a lot to do that morning. I found it quite immature and didn’t understand why she couldn’t have sent me a text of her own accord. I decided that if we were going to meet again I’d let her be the instigator. However, I didn’t hear from her all week and so decided to move on!

Date 9: The Vegan

I started talking to Marie on Plenty of Fish. She was a 30 yer old social care worker. She was 5’6, seemed to tan really well, had long brown hair and blue eyes. We again didn’t chat too much before swapping numbers. There was no wow factor with Marie. She had nothing which really stood out. She just seemed like a sweet genuine person. Don’t get me wrong, she was very pretty, but it was more her personality that interested me. She was the girl next door. 

We arranged to meet on Thursday and Marie suggested a drink. We picked a popular busy bar in the city. I arrived bang on time and Marie arrived minutes later. I was instantly struck by how attractive Marie was in person. She didn’t seem to be wearing any makeup but she had striking blue eyes and lovely straight brown hair. It was such a pleasant surprise that she was better in real life after the likes of Mindy in The Interrupter  and Cathy in Too Much Dutch.

Marie was wearing a green top, black leather pants and boots. She had a nice body and a more striking bust than I was expecting from her pictures. I had a feeling it was of the enhanced variety. This definitely took me by surprise. We sat down and when I asked Marie what she would like to drink she asked for a sparkling water. I admitted that I had completely forgotten from when we first chatted that Marie didn’t drink. I opted for a corona myself.

When I returned with the drinks I mentioned that we could have gotten food instead. However Marie had suggested drinks and being a Thursday I knew I wouldn’t be drinking much. I mentioned two nice restaurants down the road from the bar we were in which would have been ideal. I then asked Marie if she was a fussy eater, and then I said “actually, you look like a vegan.” Marie looked at me like I had two heads, laughed and admitted I was right! Damn I’m good. 

I rubbed my hands together with a smug look on my face. I accepted that Marie probably had this conversation many times before. However, it was a serious conversation that need to be had. I asked if she had any issues cooking sausages for someone else. Marie had to think about that one but didn’t answer. Then I asked if I put down a sausage sambo and a vegan sausage sambo would she know the difference and she said yes. I assumed that was because mine would smell delicious and hers would smell like carrots. 

My final question was if we were marooned on a desert island, would Marie eat me. Without hesitation she said yes and she would leave the animals alone. Of course my intention was to ask if she’d eat me or starve to death, no mention of animals. I found it amusing that she’d turn cannibalistic before plain carnivorous. I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not but it had me smiling either way.

After that grilling we moved to talking about work. I really admired the work that Marie did. It sounded very difficult and not something which I would feel comfortable doing. I mentioned that I had done some (mandatory) volunteering in school and did some work with autistic people which scared the hell out of me. I was really just too young for that at the time in my opinion but it made me appreciate her work. She seemed happy that I recognised it.

I ordered another round of drinks and we talked a bit about our social lives and works balance. I was interested to hear that Marie still went out a lot. She loved to dance and generally didn’t depart from nights earlier than the rest. I had made the naive assumption that she wouldn’t enjoy staying out too late surrounded by drunks. She then told me she had a few reasons for not drinking. I didn’t intrude. I paired the drinking and vegan thing together and assumed there had been some health reasons. It also made me assume it might be linked to her potential enhancements, pure speculation though.

Marie told me she was quite active and did go to the gym but was only a few months back into it after a break. Perhaps an enhancement related break, no….focus. She had also begun dance classes with a friend of hers. We were sitting on bar stools and I saw that a booth had become free. At this point I noticed a friend of mine waking by who I hadn’t seen in about a year. I waved her over and we chatted for a few minutes which was a bit longer than I planned. I did introduce Marie to her though and included her in the conversation to avoid awkwardness. 

By the time my friend moved on the booth had been snaffled up. We decided to try somewhere else and we found a bar across the road which neither of us had ever been in. It was a really cosy cocktail bar which. It wasn’t very busy but felt very intimate inside. We sat down next to one another on a couch and the barman came over and asked what we’d like. Marie opted for a non alcoholic cocktail (obviously) and I went with a g&t.

Marie wasn’t overly chatty and I found I had been doing more of the talking. She wasn’t quite as outgoing as I was expecting. In fact, she was probably a little more similar to me than I had foreseen. I definitely thought there was a bit of a barrier up and she wasn’t the easiest to read. Marie was certainly smiling a lot in any case.

I decided to tease Marie a bit with the statement that I didn’t think she looked like her pictures. I let that sink in. Her response was a bit surprised. She scratched her face and said “oh really, right…..ok.” I said “you don’t wear much makeup do you?” Marie awkwardly confirmed this. I said, “no you are much better in person, you’re very naturally pretty, I think you’re beautiful” and smirked. Marie thanked me in quite a firm manner which made me think she rather appreciated the compliment.

We finished our drinks shortly after and when I checked my watch it was 12 o’clock. We didn’t know where the past few hours had gone but for a work night it was definitely time to go. I turned Marie’s face towards mine with my finger and kisser her. I think she rather liked it. We coated up and walked to the nearest taxi rank. Marie gave me a peck on the lips and was on her way. That was a pretty damn good date for a mid-week date!

Mr Downright carnivorous

  • Irish_lady

    Really loved this date hope it all works out 😃

    • Thank you Irish lady! Stay tuned and you’ll find out 😝

  • Richard McNeill

    Shame about Leah, not texting is rude and unnecessary! Some people only want the chase. As for a vegan… sorry but each to their own, it wouldn’t be for me – not sure where things go with Marie, will look forward to the next instalment

    • Yeah it really annoyed me that she couldn’t pick up her phone and use it like an adult! 😤 A vegan I’d normally run a mile truth be told haha especially a sober one…all of my dates revolve around food or drink…sometimes both! It was a good date though in fairness! 👌

      • Richard McNeill

        It did sound like a good date, but I’m not sure how many vegan/non drinking dates I would be able to cope with? But that’s just me

  • Nicky Gentle

    Yeah sorry I like meat 😁😁😁

    • I know you do Nicky 😂😂😂

      • Nicky Gentle

        Not every night.

  • Nicky Gentle

    I seem to either meet guys who use their phones too much or not enough drives me crazy!

    • Oh she was definitely a texter she just didn’t want to use it like an adult it seemed 🙊😅

  • Rachael Calvert

    Sounds very successful, maybe u got more texts after the date and the kiss? Turning her face with your finger right wee charmer there Mr Downright.

    • Well you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out 😋 That’s me smooth operator 😂

  • Will

    Sounds like you’ve done well here. Good luck for the next date 🙂

    • Not the worst date I’ve ever had 😉 but still a vegan 😂 Thanks Will!