Date 8: The Pub Crawl Part 2

Date 8: The Pub Crawl Part 2

After the success of our The Pub Crawl, it was inevitable that round two was going to happen. Leah and I decided to go for dinner on Saturday night. We left the planning until last minute as Leah planned to be out Friday and the hangover needed to be assessed. Her friend ended up cancelling so we were both fresh and fancied dinner. I suggested a location and three possible restaurants, Leah made the final decision.

I arrived bang on time and scoped out a menu on the door while I was waiting. Leah arrived in a taxi a few minutes later. Leah looked as beautiful as she did the first time. She was wearing a dark green dress shirt and black knee-high boots. The waitress didn’t seem to have any record of my reservation but they had a table anyway, crisis averted. I was certain I had called the right place though.

The menu was rather small. We umm’d and ahh’d for a while before the waiter came over to inform us of the specials. Leah ordered both specials, black pudding to start and venison for mains. I went with the black pudding and pork belly.

The restaurant was half wine bar half restaurant, so there was a huge selection of (expensive) wine. I pondered over the wine list for quite some time. Leah was a pinot drinker as I remembered from date one. My preference would be sauvignon but I’m not fussy. I decided to meet half way and ordered a pinot blanc (I’m aware that makes no sense). The waiter complimented me on my wine choice and I nodded to acknowledge/pretended I had a clue what I had ordered. I had gone on the basis of region and middle of the road price range.

The food was slow to come out but it gave us a good chance to chat about our weeks. I made a point of telling Leah that she looked beautiful. On first dates I rarely do this too early as I think it makes girls feel a bit awkward. I would usually slip a casual one in there somewhere but I wouldn’t want to come across too full on. I do think it is important to acknowledge the effort made! Leah wasn’t sure if the outfit made her look like a hooker but I assured her that she looked like a very elegant hooker.

Leah commented on the wolverine-esque leather jacket a guy at the bar was wearing. We noted how observant we both are and challenged each other to remember what the other was wearing last week. I was wearing a similar outfit to the previous week but had a much darker shade of blue shirt on. Leah hadn’t noticed that I was wearing the same boots which I adjudicated on as a categorical win for myself. The wine also happened to be lovely, another win which I tried not to act surprised by!

Starters came and they were delicious. I had mentioned the blog to Leah under the pretense that I read a random blog I came across online. We chatted about it in detail and it was interesting to hear her perspective on the whole thing. She didn’t have anything negative to say about it which was a relief.

The main courses were also delicious. I was interested to hear that Leah hadn’t been in any significant relationships whatsoever. Possibly a former fun time girl turned datable? She admitted to having plenty of one night stands in the past. This was quickly retracted after a brief grilling. She said it depended on your definition of plenty which I didn’t dare get into. I wasn’t going to judge Leah and wouldn’t want her to accuse me of doing so either!

Leah tended to date older men and the last ‘relationship’ ended because the (34-year-old) man didn’t want kids and she didn’t see a future there. I brought up the topic of her ‘safe’ dating (older fatties) and she admitted it was indeed a form of safety net (which if you remember I figured was the case during date one). Interesting honesty on her behalf.

By now wolverine was wearing the face off his date at the bar behind me. Leah found this highly inappropriate which amused me. I mentioned that she wasn’t too concerned when she was the one instigating the face wearing last week. It was completely different being in a bar at 2.30am and not a restaurant at 10 o’clock but that didn’t prevent my cheeky dig! 

I paid for the dinner after some mild resistance from Leah. It was quite pricey but she gave in when I told her I’d let her buy a few drinks afterwards. She picked a quiet pub in the area which also would have been my preference. We ended up staying there until closing an hour later and then headed to the bar down the road which we had been in on date one.

I instigated a game of this or that (dogs or cats, favourite fast food etc). It turned out to be quite a good way of getting to know each other. Leah refused to answer mum or dad (cheeky I know) but other than that it was fun. Leah noted that she had a lot on the next weekend but suggested we went to the cinema during the week. It was nice to hear her instigating plans already. 

We stayed there until 3am. Leah was about as drunk as last time and I was a bit more on her level. We had great fun and I made sure to tease her some more about the hooker outfit (she initiated it so it was fine). After last rounds we shared a taxi home together.

Was I flirting with danger mentioning the blog?

Mr Downright winning

  • Richard McNeill

    Firstly well done as it looks like the chemistry continued into the 2nd date with Leah… which is then danger zone! When do you tell someone something big about yourself like you used to be married or have kids or did TV or have a blog? If it looks like you’re getting more interested it’s better to say sooner and be honest – any later and she may wonder if there’s anything else you are hiding from her

    • Wee said Richard! It’s possibly not as big a bombshell as the others ha but you’re right. Best to be open and honest I think! Besides all things going well it’s not like I’d be going on more dates!

  • Rachael Calvert

    Glad to see you got a 2nd date with Leah. You’ve mentioned a blog just to test the waters which is a good idea but if you get a 3rd date its possibly a good idea to tell her. Richard is right the big stuff cant be hidden for too long or there will be reprecussions if it backfires.
    Now is there a 3rd date?? 🙂

    • That’s exactly it I was testing the waters and the reaction was in no way negative so that made me feel pretty good about the whole situation 😊