Date 7: The Pub Crawl

If you are wondering what happened with Cathy after Too Much Dutch, this is what happened:
Too Much Dutch Part Two

I text Cathy in the middle of the day and she said she wasn’t too hungover. I figured either she was playing it down or that 3 in 1 did her wonders! Following intense debate on both my Facebook and Twitter accounts i decided not to do anything with the audio clip. It was pretty clear that there was no spark with Cathy. She was a lovely girl but I didn’t want to make her feel bad by sending her the recording. I wasn’t sure how well she’d take it either. I did however have many followers asking me to send them the recording! You lot are a cheeky bunch 🙂

Date 7: The Pub Crawl

I got chatting to Leah on plenty of fish and after a very quick ‘where you from what do you do’ conversation we swapped numbers. There was nothing about Leah’s profile or pictures that particularly stood out. There was just something about her that I liked. She seemed very genuine. I could tell from her pictures that she was a slim brunette with a nice dress sense. She also described herself as a fashionista in her profile. She worked in a pharma company (excellent, something new to ask about) and had long brown hair and blue eyes, 5’6 in height and she’s 29.

Leah lives quite far out and I came up with a fancy hotel bar that was about half way between us. We arranged to meet at 9ish but I told her that I’d be next door visiting someone in hospital (well planned eh?) and asked her to text me when she was nearby. Leah text me when she was getting a lift from her housemate at about 9. I said the time didn’t matter but she assured me she would be worth the wait (interesting confidence). She never told me she was nearby and then was left to wait for me for 2 minutes once she arrived.

I was greeted by a big sparkling smile and was pleasantly surprised by how pretty Leah was, definitely better looking in person. Leah certainly looked like someone I would date. She seemed quite energetic and perky. She was wearing black heels, black pants and a mustard top, God I hate that colour, but she looked great! Leah told me not to look at her nails which were chipped. Apparently she was going to do them but then did her housemates instead (who was not going out that night). Inevitable stick pursued. 

We decided to go with wine. Leah asked for a pino, and I went left field with a rose (check me out). The wine came in what only could be described as fish bowl sized wine glasses. I pointed out that they were almost as big as Leah’s massive head (which was actually quite small). The bar was quite very modern with comfy couches in the foyer where we sat and there was a dj playing. It was very quiet though.

Conversation flowed, it was easy and we seemed to bounce off each other. We talked about the city and work. I was interested to hear about her role in quality control, adding as many jokes and puns as I could along the way. 

The usual ‘can’t believe you’re younger than me’ conversation occurred, where I responded saying that I always date girls a little older than me. She said she would date up to about 34. I apologised for not having developed a pot belly just yet but noted my love of pizza would definitely get me there if I were to allow it. I also apologised for my full head of hair. Leah stated that she prefers to be the good-looking one of the relationship. I took that as some sort of insecurity thing and brutal honesty? I reiterated that I could work on the pot belly but was stuck with this delightful face so it might not work out (sarcasm before I’m accused of all sorts of arrogance). 

It was only 11 o’clock when the lights flashed for last orders which took us both by surprise. I thought I had nailed the venue but we were only on our third drinks at the time. It was obvious that neither of us wanted to part ways. We had only gotten there at about 9.30. Ironically I wouldn’t have been bothered if this happened on The Interrupter or The Bulgarian Princess instead.

After some googling I suggested a pub half way between us and the city which was supposedly open until 1.30 am. However when we got there we were told they would only be serving for another half an hour. We both moved to the shorts, vodka for Leah and gin for myself (I squeezed in a second gin as she was drinking slowly). Leah informed me that she used to be a second degree brown belt in tae kwon do. Of course I gave her stick about never reaching a black belt and second degree not even being a proper brown belt. In reality I hadn’t a rashers what I was talking about. It also came to light that she couldn’t stand sexism and I made sure to throw in some jabs wherever possible (I am in no way sexist but absolutely am a wind up merchant).

We went outside to find the same taxi man who had dropped us there. Leah had some issues with her seat belt. I offered to help her and then repeatedly poked her in the leg with it instead of putting it in the slot. She made some comments to the effect of being an independent woman and fixed it herself. This then led to the taxi driver chirping in with some sexist comments which I found hilarious. 

We ended up in a popular late bar just outside the city and we stayed there until closing (3am). The night had flown by. I kissed Leah at one point which led to her both complaining that I didn’t kiss her for long enough and complaining that I hadn’t kissed her earlier. Apparently she was going to kiss me earlier but then decided to let me make the first move. That was a pity as the initiative would have gone down well. She also mentioned that she had text her housemate to tell her I was very cute. She was told to bring me home in response! I wasn’t sure if that was a reflection on Leah or her housemate.

She asked me a few times what we were going to do before we up and left but the conversation veered off several times. I had the impression from previous conversations that she was no stranger to one night stands and the likes. However it did sound like she was hoping for something more substantial these days. I had feared a similarity to the My Dog Has Worms situation before remembering Leah pointed out earlier that she had been single for quite a long time. She was definitely more drunk than I was (and also revealed she had some wine prior to the date). I suggested an ‘afterparty’ was probably not a good idea. I also had a lot to do the next morning as well. With that we got separate taxis home and shared some 3.30 am what’s apps regarding toast before bed.

I think I made the right decision?

Mr Downright well-behaved

  • Richard McNeill

    Yes!!!!!!!!! If she is worth a second or third date, don’t have a one night stand. Smacks of double standards otherwise. Sounds like there was chemistry, see if it is still there a day or 2 later and play things by ear. I’m taking the higher ground here… see what she really wants by playing it cool 👍 Just because you’re looking for someone to date means she is too…

    • Wise words from a wise man Richard 😉 But to play devils advocate, if she’d of gone there, is she any different to Lynn? That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. I agree though, best way to go is see if the chemistry remains! I always play it cool dont you worry 😎

  • Irishfairy

    Loved this one sounds like it was the perfect end to a first date and you were a gentleman although she should of texted to tell you she was there instead of her having to wait for you but still sounds like you had a great night

    • Yeah I told her to let me know when she was nearby but she only text when she was leaving and then forgot! It was definitely the best of the blog so far 😊

  • Rachael Calvert

    Def chemistry with her, and very well restrained on your part. Very well behaved. Hopefully it’s more than a one night stand she is after.

    • It can be so hard to tell these days!

      • Rachael Calvert

        Preaching to the choir my friend