Date 6: Too Much Dutch

If you are wondering what happened with Marina after The Bulgarian Princess, this is what happened:
The Bulgarian Princess Part Two

I sent Marina a text the next day as I usually do. There was some small talk and then she sent me the following text: “To be honest I’m really positively surprised that there are guys like you. Honest and nice, not just good-looking. And you definitely look for a relationship, one with a proper nice girl.” In fairness it was a nice touch. I reiterated that we were looking for very different things and continued on my merry way.

Date 6: Too Much Dutch

I got chatting to Cathy on tinder. She asked me how a girl was supposed to get my interest. My answer was to avoid endless small talk and beating around the bush. With that we quickly swapped numbers and arranged a date for Wednesday. I was off work on Thursday and Friday so all the more reason to have a few drinks. I knew Cathy worked in logistics for a construction company. She was 5’6 with brown hair, blue eyes and a slim body.

Cathy arrived at the bar early and sat down and got herself a corona. When I arrived we exchange pleasantries and I ordered myself a g&t. Cathy was wearing jeans boots and a flowery top. I have to admit my first impression was a little disappointed. Cathy looked nice but I was rather underwhelmed.

Conversation started off a little slow. Cathy seemed quite nervous. I looked around and quickly realised nearly everyone in the bar was on a date. We were in a reasonably popular bar not far from the city. It was very full for a Wednesday, much more so than I expected. Maybe Wednesday is date night after all?

Cathy caught me eyeing up a ridiculously cute blonde opposite us and asked did I know her. I made up that I knew her from somewhere to hide the fact I’d been gawking at her, oops. Cathy had done a fair bit of online dating so wasn’t sure why she was nervous. We talked about various travelling we had both done as well as work. It was all very boring to be perfectly honest. Cathy admitted to having a glass of wine at home before the date, again feeding the nervous impression I had. I wouldn’t have thought that was a normal thing to do before a mid-week date?

I went to the bathroom and returned to find Cathy staring at a door that I hadn’t left through to get to the bathroom. We had previously discussed what we thought was behind the door as there were no signs on it. She seemed to have expected me to return though that door. I suddenly realised that she was very drunk. I asked her why she was expecting me to come our that door and her response made absolutely no sense. The sudden turnaround was unbelievable considering Cathy seemed perfectly fine a few minutes prior to that. It was about 10.30 on a Wednesday and we had only been there about two hours. I found this hilarious. Either Cathy was a fierce lightweight or it was more than a glass of wine before she came out!

What Cathy was saying was so bizarre that I decided I needed some evidence for friends to actually believe how drunk she was. I asked her again why she was staring at the door and started recording her answer on my phone. She of course didn’t notice and waffled on for about a minute and a half making no sense whatsoever. I kept that audio recording for later. Perhaps I would send it to Cathy to tease her the next day. 

We didn’t stay much longer and decided to leave at about 11 o’clock. Cathy was hungry and wanted to get food before heading home. She suggested a Chinese around the corner and we went even though I didn’t want anything. When we got there she ordered a 3 in 1 and a large can of 7up. I pointed out that I didn’t think they sold large cans of 7up and the staff laughed at me. They knew she was quite drunk.

I didn’t order anything and when she went to pay with card they said they only accepted cash. Cathy had no cash so I offered to pay for her food. When I got change back after paying I commented on how expensive large cans of 7up are these days. The staff laughed at me again. Cathy was oblivious. We walked to the train station down the road. When we sat down on a bench cathy got ready to eat her 3 in 1 only to realise she hadn’t gotten a fork. We proceeded to walk back to get her one. I made her go in and get it herself!

We walked back to the train station again and sat down. Cathy put the brown paper bag across our knees and opened up the 3 in 1. I gave her some assistance with the food. I figured it had to be eaten by the time the train came or I might of ended up waiting at the station for longer. It was really cold as well. Of course she dropped a few bits of food which fell on my leg and stained my jeans. It made be chuckle but seethe a little bit on the side too!

We finished the food in good time and her train soon came. I left Cathy to enjoy her regular sized 7up on the train as I was heading in the opposite direction.

What would you do with the audio clip?

Mr Downright sober

  • Rachael Calvert

    Delete it……..mortified for her lol

    • Hehe! I think if I was seeing her again I’d send it to slag her about it! Since I’m not I think that would be a bit mean! I did play it for 2 friends and they absolutely cracked up!

      • Rachael Calvert

        Ah yeah thats the only reason be to wind her up lol. Tho ya would need to wait til few months in before the proper slagging could commence

  • Richard McNeill

    Delete… but I’m more interested how she was the next day? Embarrassed? Oblivious? And why is dating so hard these days for us all, straight and gay?

    • It’s hard to know if she was embarrassed or oblivious. I text her to see if she got into work ok the next day and if she was hungover and she said she was fine!

  • The fact that she got so drunk after so few drinks would suggest she drank a lot more than one glass before the date! That or a serious lightweight! I’m sorry if I came across judgemental, not sure why?!

    • Lyndsey O’Neill

      You may be right and she had more than one drink, i agree with the other girls comment that she probably hadn’t had anything to eat either mix that with nerves and alcohol it’s a recipe for disaster. It was just in some posts i don’t mean to offend you just wanted to give you some feedback 🙂 for example Date 2 you said lynn inviting you in after your first unofficial date threw you and It didn’t sit particularly well with you that she saw nothing wrong with sleeping with her ex the first time they met, but that sounds like double standards because it was ok for you to go home for a “sneaky shower” before heading over there two days later even though you said you didn’t see it coming when you both ended up in bed together but the “sneaky shower” indicates you were hopeful… Date 4 I can see how someone showing up not looking like themselves and how the date went in general was frustrating but offering her help in the gym with weightlifting was such a dick thing to say even if you were just being nice it was probably more a slap in the face to her hence why she cut you off mid-sentence. Most girls are insecure and surprisingly the ones who come across loudest and confident are usually more insecure which is probably why she used old pictures of herself. Sorry for the essay lol looking forward to reading about your next date.

      • I appreciate the feedback, I just don’t think you have grounds for saying that though 🙂 In your first example, I had a sneaky shower because I had been in work all day and then straight to a clammy pub for a couple of hours. I wanted to freshen up. I’d think most people would want to do the same, not sure why you’re linking not wanting to smell of bo to expecting sex! In date 4, she suggested we met up even if it was as friends and suggested we could go to the gym. That wasn’t my idea that was hers so you’ve got that backwards as well!

  • Aisling O’ Reilly

    First of all I’d say she had way more than a glass of wine before she left & also didn’t eat, hence the detour to the Chinese & being buckled so early. Secondly it’s a major turn off to see someone so drunk on a first date, it’s like the number one rule. It’s not like you videod her & were taking advantage of her drunk. A drunken audio clip is not as bad as those who go on FB groups or whatever & talk about exes or intimate details of their relationships in my opinion.. and a lot of us are guilty of that.

    • Hey Aisling, great to hear from you! Totally agree about her having more than a glass of wine before the date, sure she was only drinking bottles of corona while we were there! Didn’t cross my mind about not eating but I’d say you’re bang on! Was just a laugh re the audio clip, its really hard to explain the nonsense that was coming out of her mouth without listening to the clip!