Date 5: The Bulgarian Princess

If you have been following my online dating blog, it is needless to say there wasn’t much further contact with Mindy after The Interrupter.

Date 5: The Bulgarian Princess

I received a message from Marina on tinder as soon as we matched. She was very out straight and quickly asked what I was looking for. When I gave the usual ‘dating and go with the flow’ answer she suggested we did exactly that. We swapped numbers that Sunday and arranged to meet the following Saturday. We chatted briefly each day throughout the week. Marina was quickly labelled as the Princess. She seemed very fussy and liked to get her own way. A bit of a know it all. She was very direct in anything we talked about. There wasn’t much small talk at all. We talked about where we liked to go out and she mentioned some places that played techno music. I like a variety of music but techno wouldn’t be to my taste at all. 

Marina wasn’t the usual type of girl I would go for. Her dress sense seemed quite alternative in some photos. She had a big tattoo of a map on her back and a small key on her index finger. Also the whole techno raver thing made me think she wasn’t on the same wavelength as me. However, my usual clean cut girls haven’t been working out so well so I figured a quirky foreigner could be interesting. We didn’t arrange the venue until a few hours before meeting. The Princess made me pick the bar and ordered me to not pick anywhere too fancy. I was told she’d be wearing black. 

In chatting during the week Marina made reference to looking forward to an hour of her company. I mentioned that I hoped it would last a lot longer than an hour if it was going well. She seemed to disagree. We were due to meet at 9 but the Princess was bored and wanted to meet earlier. I got moving straight after dinner and arrived at the bar a minute after she did.

Marina was waiting outside and we did the double kiss greeting. Her hair was dyed a darkish blonde colour. She had deep brown eyes and bright red lipstick on. Her teeth were incredibly white. She was very naturally good looking. She was wearing a round black hat with a big brim and a black coat. Underneath she was wearing a sparkly black jumper, ripped grey jeans and black heeled boots. She had 2 long necklaces coming out over her jumper and was wearing a few rings. I knew I would probably be attracted to Marina from her pictures. The casual way she was dressed somehow gave the impression that she was more down to earth than previously expected. Things were looking up, straight into the would date category!

We sat down at the bar. I ordered a g&t and Marina had a long neck cider. We talked a little about Bulgaria and Marina told me she had been living here for the past four years. She then dropped the bombshell that she was moving to Asia in 2 months?! 

I was shocked. She said she was looking for someone open minded with no drama. It must have been obvious that I wasn’t too impressed. She asked what I thought and I told her I didn’t see the point in us meeting up. I guess for most guys this would unquestionably be the fun times category, happy days, but for me it was thanks but no thanks. I explained that even in the case of casual dating I didn’t see the point where there was definitely no chance of it leading to anything. It was only a chance to invest in something with a very brief shelf life and potentially be disappointed down the line.

Marina asked what she supposed to do with her weekends otherwise. I suggested hanging out with the friends she had made over the past four years. To me the out straight girl hadn’t been so out straight. She asked what I wanted and my answer was dating and in the best case scenario a girlfriend. Marina said she could hardly say that on tinder. I disagreed and argued she could easily have put something on her profile such as: “looking to enjoy my last 2 months in London.”

Marina was a really slow drinker. I was finishing my second drink as she finished her first. I asked if she would like another and she said no. She then went to the toilet and came back with drink in her hand. I found that really odd because we were sitting at a bar. She had obviously taken a detour to a different bar to get herself a drink on the way back. 

Marina made a comment about the origin of my surname. I had never told her my surname, we had no mutual friends on Facebook which she’d have seen on tinder and she didn’t know which company I worked in. I had no idea where she got that from but it was very odd. When I asked her Marina said she couldn’t remember how she knew.

While discussing dating Marina told me she dated a guy for seven years who was a “fiend.” She said “I needed him and he needed me.” I’d no idea what she meant by this but she almost made it sound like a business contract. I figured she dated some drug dealer who had money or something like that. I asked Marina if she was single long. She told me she had spent the past two years here casually dating f@#$ boys. If they were 10 guys in a room she’d end up with the f@#$ boy. For example she had been seeing a 24 year old guy. They didn’t go on proper dates and she though it was because he had no money. Then he got into a relationship with a girl he had been dating while seeing Marina. 

Marina asked me about my worst date ever. Hers was hilarious. It was with an Italian guy. They had been texting for 3 weeks which eventually turned to sexting. When they eventually met he turned out to have really broken English. She wore a long dress (“oh right so you made an effort that time”). He wore very casual ripped jeans (I pointed out I liked her ripped jeans). She said he took ages to get sentences out and there was no chemistry whatsoever.  Marina decided to give him a last chance and let him walk her home. At her front door he shoved his tongue down her throat while massaging her ears in a really weird way. She also felt a bulge illustrating how ‘happy’ he was with his date. Needless to say the Italian never got invited inside.

I couldn’t help but thinking it was a date as frustrating as The Interrupter with a disastrous ending that gave The Trainwreck a run for its money.

At some point Marina told me I shouldn’t date girls from around here. I should date foreign girls. Apparently they make much better girlfriends. Offending Irish and English people generally doesn’t go down well with me. I also pointed out that numbers were against the likelihood of that happening. Marina then pointed our that our date had lasted well over an hour, as if to suggest it had obviously been a wild success as a result.

Marina asked what I’d like to do. I said I was happy where we were…she said to try again and just be straight. I thought I was being straight, I was happy to chat and fancied few drinks after a long week. The Princess moaned about the loud music and being tired. She was out the night before even though she was home by 12 o’clock. The Princess also moaned about local guys always getting drunk and praised a French friend of hers who knew how to party without getting drunk. I’d had five gins she’d had two beers. It was as if she was concerned that I’d get drunk. 

Marina asked me what I wanted to do again. I couldn’t think of anywhere quieter. Personally I wanted to stay out but didn’t see a point with her. I asked if she wanted to go and she asked where. I suggested home. She laughed in my face and then apologised for laughing. She must have assumed I meant together. However, I was no Italian stallion and there was no excitement in my pants. I just didn’t see the date going anywhere and Marina was moaning about the venue. I walked her to a taxi (promising not to kiss her or touch her ears en route) and that was that, I was home by 11.30.

Was I wrong to be surprised by the Asia revelation?

Mr Downright disappointed

  • Aurry42

    I think you def have the right to be annoyed. She should have mentioned she was leaving the country before the date so you knew what you were getting into rather than just wasting your time. Sounds like she was just after a bit of fun.
    Btw I’m loving the detail in the posts!

    • Hey Aurry! I think so too! I guess when there are more stand out moments it is easier to remember my thought process after the date 🙂 Thanks for your support 🙂