Date 4: The Interrupter

If you’re wondering what happened with Maire after The Split Personality, this is what happened:
The Split Personality Part Two

As you probably gathered, I was not particularly excited at the thought of another date with Maire. None the less I decided to text her again the next day out of courtesy to thank her for the date. Maire sent one reply and that was it. I happily left it there when I didn’t get another response.

Date 4: The Interrupter

I got chatting to Mindy a few days later on plenty of fish. She was 31, had blonde hair and blue eyes, a nice figure and was 5’5 in height. She worked in data analytics and lived about 20 minutes away. Mindy was Irish as well. We didn’t chat much before swapping numbers. She seemed really keen despite saying her experience with the online dating scene had been rather lousy. We text each other quite a lot during the week (more on this topic to come). I didn’t have any plans for the weekend and she suggested Saturday so we went with that. Mindy opted for a bar between the two of us.

First impression was…..disappointment. I can’t say I recognised Mindy when I saw her but she recognised me instantly. She was wearing a body length green dress and shiny cream heels. In her pictures she had very blonde hair, didn’t look to wear much makeup and was quite slim. In reality she had a good bit more weight on her, her hair was darker (not that it mattered) and she had a lot of makeup on. This all led me to believe that her pictures were quite old. She later asked me did she look like her pictures. This made me think she was either looking for a compliment or knew that she didn’t look like her pictures. She still looked nice but I don’t think I would take a second look if I saw her at a bar. No prizes for guessing the category here.

The date itself was alright. Mindy was very chatty which is always a bonus. The bar got extremely busy and it was quite difficult to hear each other but we were sitting down which helped. Knowing you aren’t particularly attracted to the person at the outset makes you a little less interested in asking about the person as opposed to just making general conversation. She revealed that she usually had a few cigarettes when she drank which is always a turn off for me. Mindy did leave a few times to have a smoke outside. It certainly breaks momentum on a date but my issue was more with the habit itself.

Mindy told me about a disaster date she had and pointed out that she was very out straight. She turned out to be as much argumentative as out straight and it really tilted me. There were a few examples of this. Firstly I made the point that it was nice that she made the effort in texting me most days. I find girls I swap numbers with barely ever text first to start a conversation. I could swap numbers with someone and text them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and have a conversation each time. However, if I didn’t start the next conversation I would never hear from them again. This is after chatting online and asking them on a date/for their number. It is something that irritates me quite a lot.

Mindy’s argument is that if a girl doesn’t text she isn’t that interested. I argued that 95% of the girls I come across are like that and not every girl approached things in the same way she did. While I think you can apply that logic to guys, I don’t think you can to girls. I also had examples of girls that I had dated in the past who I wouldn’t hear from for a month but I’d know if I text them they’d be up for doing something (unless they had met a guy since). Mindy wanted me to text one of them to prove this. I didn’t want to randomly text someone and mess around with them to prove a point. Apparently this meant I couldn’t back up what I was saying and obviously was wrong.

One thing which really tilted me was the fact that she wouldn’t let me speak. I lost track of how many times I began to tell her something and then she butted in. By the time she was finished with her tangent I would have lost track of what I was saying. It was the same when she was discussing her views on something and when I began to speak I was interrupted after about ten words. The other thing that irritated me was that she pointed out in a negative way that I spoke about myself a lot. Generally the point of a date is to ask the other person questions about themselves and find out as much about them as possible. It struck me as a very odd thing to say considering (and untrue). I wasn’t even getting a lot of words in!

The final straw was actually when she said that she would like to see me again. Even if I only wanted to meet her as friends I could help her out with the gym (she knew that I was into weightlifting and wanted to get back in the gym). I must have come across well whenever I managed to speak! That or she just fancied me. I went to tell her how my brother got me into weightlifting and how I love helping people with whatever knowledge I have gained from my own progression, and that I wouldn’t mind helping her at all. Of course, I was interrupted about a sentence into this and didn’t bother thereafter.

The date ended rather abruptly after Mindy asked if I wanted another round and said I’d had enough. I politely declined when Mindy offered to get me a 7up. She said she was going to go to the bathroom before leaving so I gave her a peck on the cheek and off I went. I should have waited for her to go to the bathroom but I was just too annoyed. I knew there was a taxi rank outside the bar for her anyway. Worst date of the online dating blog so far!

Mr Downright angry