Date 3: The Split Personality

If you’re wondering what happened with Lynn after My Dog Has Worms, this is what happened:
My Dog Has Worms Part Two

Lynn and I kept texting and decided to keep our Saturday dinner/drinks plans before the spontaneous Wednesday date unfolded. On Friday I went drinking with a bunch of colleagues from the office after work. It was the usual case of not eating dinner and being half cut by 10 o’clock. At that stage I sent Lynn a couple of texts and complained about how hungry I was. She offered to cook me an infamous ‘Lynn burger’ and I couldn’t refuse.

I stopped off home for a sneaky shower en route and picked up some ingredients. When I reached Lynn’s apartment she was still in her work clothes and the cooking was underway. I was my usual tipsy self throwing in witty comments wherever possible and whipping her with a towel at one point. The Lynn burger wasn’t half bad, although I would probably have eaten dog food at that stage. Oh by the way, Harry didn’t have worms at all! That whole vet escapade was completely unnecessary! Apparently he was just a bit gassy? I have no idea…

What happened next could only be described as me being taken advantage of, sort of. We went to bed. I took my clothes off and got into bed, ready to pass out (I get sleepy after alcohol and sitting about). Lynn jumped into bed fully clothed and we chatted for a few minutes. I asked if she was going to get into bed properly and she suggested I helped undress her. Of course I obliged being the gentleman that I am. I’ll let you fill in the gaps there. It was very soon and totally not what I saw coming. I still saw her as a would date girl though.

Lynn later mentioned that she had no issues sleeping with guys the first time they met. I knew I wasn’t overthinking that invite! Apparently she slept with her ex the first time they met and they dated for a year. It didn’t sit particularly well with me, but the fact that I liked her anyway helped.

We still had the restaurant booked for Saturday night so I didn’t hang around after she made me an awesome breakfast (would a fun time girl do such a thing). We went to my favourite tapas restaurant that night. It was at this stage I realised Lynn was only single a week following a one year relationship. I generally run an absolute mile whenever somebody mentions being newly single. They never seem to know what they want and end up messing you about even if their intentions are good.

We went to a fancy bar nearby afterwards but Lynn seemed to get very tired/drunk so we headed home quite early. There was a repeat of me helping her prepare for bed……Lynn cooked another great breakfast the next morning.

Lynn got very quiet during the next few days. She said she was very busy. She also mentioned that her ex had been calling her and giving her abuse. I’d get an apology from her and then it would repeat and I wouldn’t hear back for a few days. After another week or two I got sick of it and gave up! I guess she was fun time girl all along. It frustrated me greatly because there was nothing I disliked about the girl and could genuinely see myself in a relationship with her (shock horror). On the plus side, the online dating blog continues…

Date 3: The Split Personality

I got chatting to Maire on tinder and after a few days we swapped numbers. We planned a date for the Friday and although there was a week between swapping numbers and meeting up we didn’t talk much. I’m a texter and I guess she wasn’t! I knew that she was 5’9, reasonably slim, had blue eyes and long straight dark hair, a good start! We worked in similar fields and only lived about 10 minutes apart. She seemed a little high maintenance, not necessarily a bad thing. The options were drinks or food and drinks and she opted for the latter!

I booked a table at a busy tapas spot in the city. I arrived bang on time and Maire surfaced a minute later. She looked lovely, she was wearing light blue jeans, pink heels and a white top. Definitely a would date girl. She was very smiley. We sat down, ordered drinks and decided on food pretty quickly. The conversation was a bit sticky. It didn’t bother me but I found myself doing most of the talking. Maire was a bit quiet, a little awkward and I realised the smileyness was more being awkward than anything else but she seemed to chill out after a while.

Being a tapas restaurant we went straight to mains and that was enough. I then suggested a nice cocktail bar and we headed there for a few more drinks. Maire offered to pay for the first few after me getting the dinner which was a nice offer. By then the conversation was flowing much better but it still felt like I was doing the majority of the talking. I told a few stories which the conversation led into. She laughed a lot and seemed quite interested in them. Maire did however make one random comment that was very offensive. It wasn’t directed at me but it was a general statement which I found bizarre.

It seemed the drink was kicking in and she started making remarks about politics and ongoing war. She made some general statements that everyone should have an opinion on these things. Actually it was more forceful than that, if you don’t have an opinion on these topics why are you here kind of thing. She suddenly seemed very opinionated which was strange for someone as quiet as she was at the outset. I didn’t really say much on the topics and brushed her comments off. I don’t have a particular interest in politics and tend to avoid such topics like the plague on first dates. 

It soon got to about 2 o’clock and living close to each other we shared a taxi home. When we got to her house we had a little kiss, it was nice. As she walked to her door the taxi driver made some comment about her being a fine woman (using slightly less flattering language). I’m not sure about that date. Maire was attractive but said some bizarre things that turned me a little bit. It’s like I went on two separate dates with two different people that night.

Is it bad to assert your opinions on someone or good to be opinionated?

Mr Downright baffled

  • Ruth

    I think with Lynn it was just a clash in timing. The girl was awesome but clearly just looking for a rebound type thing! Also some girls go on Tinder just to find guys to bring home straight away! Have you made it clear on your bio you want a more long term type thing?

    • Hey Ruth! I think you’re absolutely right, just a clash of timing I guess. I’m pretty sure if you made it clear on your tinder profile that you wanted something serious people would run a mile! I don’t think it’s the kind of thing you should state on a tinder profile, but from talking to me girls would (hopefully) pick up that I am not after something casual 🙂