Date 26: The Visitor

It will probably come as no surprise that I didn’t meet Jennie again after Swingers and Roundabouts. There was something missing and we both knew it. We didn’t really text each other after the date.

Date 26: The Visitor

I matched with Rachelle on tinder after being granted a prestigious ‘super like’! Tinder suggested that we were very close to each other but when we chatted we were confused to realise that we actually lived about two hours apart. Rachelle hadn’t been to the city recently so we couldn’t make sense of it. Rachelle said she was disappointed and thought she had found a “hot new neighbour” which I reverberated. I generally avoid any kind of distance on these apps as there is no shortage of people in the locality anyway. However, we chatted for a while and ended up swapping numbers.

After a few days of chatting Rachelle stated that she was due a visit to the city and suggested meeting up. I was quite surprised by this as generally the girls I chat to leave all of the planning and logistics to the man, never mind travelling to meet him! I was delighted in any event and agreed to go for a few drinks. Rachelle booked a hotel the next day and left me to decide where we would go for food and drinks. In one way it was putting a lot of pressure on the date as she was driving two hours and paying for a hotel just to come see me for a night. Rachelle didn’t have any friends in the area and would be heading straight home the next day. However, we were texting a lot and things seemed to be going well so I was looking forward to the date.

I suggested meeting Rachelle at the hotel bar and having a drink there before going to dinner. Rachelle requested Italian or Indian so I provided four options and she elected for the one of the more casual options. My taxi was a few minutes late but I didn’t feel too bad leaving Rachelle waiting in her own hotel for a couple of minutes! When I got there she was seated opposite the bar with a vodka in hand! She had straight brown hair, blue eyes and was about 5’2. She was wearing a black leather jacket over a black dress and high gold coloured shoes. I got myself a gin at the bar and sat down opposite Rachelle. We chatted for a few minutes and I was quickly given out to for not giving her a compliment! Rachelle soon asked me if I smoked which came as a surprise. It came across as if she had hidden the fact that she did but in reality she was probably just craving one herself. After we finished our drinks we stood in the freezing cold while Rachelle had a cigarette before grabbing a taxi.

I have to say that smoking is generally a deal breaker for me. Strangely enough I tend not to come across many smokers and rarely think of asking if people do smoke! That aside conversation was flowing and we soon arrived at the restaurant. Apparently Rachelle had opted for this restaurant because it had an excellent gluten-free menu. I had not originally realised that she was indeed a ‘glutard’ as I called it but was delighted with my suggestion in hindsight. We both ordered pizzas and kept the drinks flowing. We reached the inevitable work conversation and Rachelle told me more about her work as a social worker. She had only recently returned to work after spending four months teaching English in Thailand. She had also recently done a phone interview for a teaching job in Dubai and was waiting to hear back. This made me further question why she would be bothered travelling two hours to come meet me but I didn’t dare ask!

The pizza was delicious and it was nice to have food in a decent but reasonably casual restaurant, nothing too fancy! The fact that they had a separate gluten-free menu definitely got me some brownie points! Rachelle ran off for another cigarette after the mains which allowed for some live tweeting! I then ordered a chocolate melt. Rachelle ordered a brownie and they were both amazing as well! We stayed at the restaurant and took our time having a few more drinks. We mostly chatted about or families and the lead up to Christmas. There was definitely some flirty banter going on and it was pretty clear that we both fancied each other at the very least. The restaurant became very empty and the staff started to wrap up. Rachelle ran out for another cigarette and I paid the bill while she was gone. More live tweeting ensued! Rachelle tried to get me to split the bill when I returned but I was having none of it. She wanted to go to a lively bar and off we went.

The bar I opted for wasn’t very far away. It was indeed busy inside and of course there were no free seats. We found ourselves a good perch and set up shop for a while. The music was good but it was quite loud and we did have to talk quite loudly to hear each other. I went out to the smoking area for Rachelle’s first cigarette but after that opted to mind our spot and stay in the warmth, it was freezing outside! The conversation admittedly ran a little dry in the bar and there were a few (not so awkward) silences. We were both quite full after our dinner and the drinks weren’t going down as quickly as they otherwise might do either. I would have preferred a more subdued bar where we could sit down and chat but had of course gone with what was requested. We had another drink and then Rachelle suggested going back to the hotel and having some drinks at the residents bar. This was strictly under the premise that no ‘funny business’ would occur. I was happy to get out of the current bar so we went with that option and headed back to the hotel.

When we arrived (at about 12.30) we were baffled to hear that the bar was no longer serving. They told us that drinks were still being served in the lobby, where a porter would take drinks orders, go to the bar and bring your drinks out to the lobby. This didn’t make much sense to us whatsoever and we didn’t really fancy sitting in the lobby but we ordered a round of drinks anyway. As far as we were concerned most hotel bars would serve residents until the early hours of the morning. We finished our drinks and decided the lobby wasn’t worth hanging around in for too long. We then headed up to the room under, again under the premise that no funny business would occur!

What would you make of Rachelle putting all of that effort in to meet me?

Mr Downright non-resident

  • Rachael Calvert

    Ok so it sounds like a good date…. also you’ve left us hanging slightly with what happened after you guys got to the room! Pre-tell young man.
    You know what I think it’s good she put alot of effort into meet You, shows she is def interested in you. Especially since you got on well via txt or whatever. Yes you may have felt a little bit of pressure but you would have been nervous anyway. Don’t think about her coming so far, more think of it as a date. It’s her choice to do that but it’s a great sign.
    Tho bit concerned about the job interview for Dubai, be worried once she said that n fact she booked the hotel that she was only after some fun with a hot guy. That be my only concern there.
    Did you enjoy yourself tho? And do you like her?

    • That was the idea!
      It was definitely nice of her to make the effort and indeed of her own accord. It’s just a funny one cos on one hand she was making all of that effort and on the other she might be leaving the country again soon!
      Don’t think she was after fun cos she was pretty adamant that no funny business would occur! I did have a good date tho! Just not sure about the distance or where I stand! Plus a smoker is not ideal!

  • Richard McNeill

    Morning, don’t you just hate hotel policies at times! Anyways glad to see you back out again and sounds like a good date / had that feeling as you tweeted during it! To smoke or not to smoke, is that a major conundrum? To be fair, someone who is prepared to travel to you and go that extra mile would get thumbs up from me for a second date. Plus you can explore somewhere new, visit places in in between, see the countryside, breathe the air, gain perspective… take it a day at a time and don’t worry about the possibility of Dubai, I’d actually see that as an exciting opportunity

    • Words of wisdom!
      They annoying thing was that she had given up smoking but took it up again in Thailand when cigarettes were so cheap. I mean she really was smoking like a trooper that night! Apart from that it was all pretty positive! I’m not sure how I feel about the distance but we’ll see. It’s a busy time of year coming up as well not easy to find the time to travel about!

      • Richard McNeill

        Where there’s a will there’s a way! You could be a positive influence on her, as she has given up before? And as I said, take it a day at a time!

        • So you think I should keep moaning about it 🤔😂

      • Richard McNeill

        Oh and when is life ever quiet these days???

        • This is true…but finding time for dates around xmas isn’t easy!