Date 24: People Watching

Date 24: People Watching

I matched with Laura on tinder last week. Apparently I was party to her first ever tinder conversation! We had good banter in our initial conversation and eventually decided to meet up for a drink. 

There were a few red flags prior to the date. Laura told me that she was terrible with dates and didn’t go on them very often. She joked about the likelihood of standing me up, being so nervous that she puked on me or showing up drunk. You could tell that she wasn’t entirely joking though!

Laura was a nurse and was off work from Wednesday. On Thursday she text me saying that she was mad for a drink. She suggested meeting up but it was quite late and I had work the next day. She eventually found someone else to head out with anyway. I joked that I’d kill her if she was dying the next day. Ironically I wasn’t really joking then either! 

I went to text Laura the next morning when I was on a coffee break in work. Her last online time on what’s app was 4.30am and I instantly knew she had been on a mad one. I left it for a few more hours and then text her. Of course she was absolutely dying. She made some comments about getting takeaway and a DVD instead and also about her being on cokes for the night. I wasn’t actually sure if she was joking or not but brushed off the comments. I think that she could tell I wasn’t too impressed but we stuck to the plans in any event. 

We met in the city. Laura was about ten minutes late. She had bright blonde hair and blue eyes. She was 5’7 And wearing a white laced top, black trousers and shiny black shoes. We went into a well-known tourist bar and sat down at some stools beside the window. Laura looked well but I could tell that she was hungover and tired. She told me that she had been in bed most of the day and had barely eaten. Needless to say I wasn’t stoked.

We chatted about work and I made plenty of digs about her week off after a week of nights. We had a good laugh but it was me instigating most if not all of the banter. We then witnessed a lad projectile vomiting on the footpath right in front of our window. It was a horrendous sight but rather amusing at the same time. The guys sitting beside us also saw it and cheered in approval.

This proved incredibly distracting. Every time a person or group of people came walking along the footpath we would wait to see if they saw the sick or were too busy talking or texting and stood in it. The guys beside us would cheer in anticipation every time it looked like someone was going to stand in it. The bar was right in the heart of the city and this was a very busy footpath. It made it incredibly hard not to look every time someone was approaching. Some people’s reactions to the vomit were hilarious. Others took it in their stride, literally! 

Conversation continued intermittently. It did begin to feel like I was instigating all of the conversation. I could tell that Laura was feeling drained and it did somewhat kill my Friday buzz. After a few more drinks Laura actually suggested some weird cocktails that were on offer but I politely declined and said that I’d had enough to drink. I really wasn’t feeling it and it felt like a bit if a wasted Friday night.

 I could sense that Laura was a little disappointed. On the other had she still looked tired and I assumed she wouldn’t want to be out much later anyway. Perhaps I was wrong. I escorted Laura to a taxi and asked her to text me when she got home.

Mr Downright dissatisfied

  • Caroline

    Not a great return to dating! 😔😘

    • But we are back in the game it’s all good 👌

  • Richard McNeill

    Not a great start, but it is onwards and upwards. First impressions and all that, but this didn’t sound promising before you even saw her. Welcome back though, have missed the Wednesday updates Mr DDB x

    • Agreed, I had considered cancelling as I could see this was going to happen. In the end I had nothing else on so I figured why not. No harm done anyway!