Date 23: After Work Drinks

Date 23: After Work Drinks

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that my date for last Friday cancelled on Friday morning when I text her. On my lunch I had a snoop on tinder and got chatting to a girl I matched and had a brief chat with the day before. Her name was Paula, she was a primary school teacher. It turned out that she lived down the road from me. When I asked her what the weekend plan was she didn’t have much on which leaded to me suggesting a local drink. Paula agreed and we swapped numbers with a view to planning drinks after work.

My Friday feeling rather quickly did a 180 and I was buzzing again. I didn’t know much about Paula but she seemed like a nice girl. Her pictures gave the impression of someone naturally pretty who didn’t wear a lot of make-up. She also had a great looking figure! After work I dropped Paula a text and we arranged to meet quite early at a local bar that neither of us had been in before. 

When I arrived I text Paula and ordered us a couple of beers. Paula arrived a few minutes later. She was check shirt and torn jeans with open shoes. She had long brown hair and bright green eyes. Paula looked very natural as she did in her pictures. If anything a little better than her pictures! She was few minutes late and explained that she had been waxing her housemate before holiday his holiday the next day. Apparently she waxed very hairy back. However he left the front alone but shaved around his belly button. I found this quite strange and rather amusing. It was definitely the strangest reason anyone had provided for ever showing up a few minutes late! I made reference to the waxing scene in the forty year old virgin and we had a good laugh about it.

We chatted about work and holidays and like me she hadn’t been away this summer. I told her about some of my plans in the making. We talked about online dating and it turned out that she was single two months after a four-year relationship. Of course alarm bells started to ring as ever. She had only joined tinder the day before we matched. I commented that she was obviously pretty confident if she jumped right into a date, no testing the waters. She said that she wasn’t exactly shy.

I queried why Paula joined tinder that quickly and said I’d probably want to do my own thing and have fun for a while. She said her ex moved abroad and the break up was coming a long time (heard that one before) plus she broke up with him (also heard that before). She said she was open to whatever and wouldn’t rule anything out. I guess that was positive!

The bar we were in had new owners and was renovated recently. It turned at that it was now a venue for rock gigs, not akin to either if our tastes. It didn’t look from the website as if there were any live bands due to play this weekend. As it turned out there was still live music scheduled. The first band were absolutely awful but it provided great entertainment for the two of us. They mostly played acoustic covers of very well-known songs which we had never heard rock versions of. There were sporadic bouts of singing which was awful and explained the largely acoustic themes. The drummer also looked like a Viking and had lots of noise making gadgets which really amused us. If the ice wasn’t already broken then that would definitely have done it for us. We had a good laugh throughout their set before a slightly better band took over.

The beer kept flowing. Paula asked me about my dating experiences and I gave her a vague synopsis. She then asked for my evaluation of the date so far. I thought this was brave question to ask! I graded highly on sense of humour as she laughed at most things I said. Poor marks were given for time keeping. I commended her casual outfit, gave it decent marks but queried the holes in her jeans. I said her shirt looked like a farmer’s shirt but failed to find similar farmer photos on Google. I also commended her looks in comparison to her photos. I said there were other categories but I needed more time to evaluate them. She asked what they were but I have some vague answers. It felt like she was enjoying the date. I felt like kissing her, so I did. No complaints there and gave good marks on that front too.

The bar began to get very busy and we decided to have one more beer and then move elsewhere. There was a park nearby and I thought it would be great fun to go chill out on the swings. I had been in there a few times before but when we got there it was locked. It had never been locked late at night before. I guess some teenagers used it for drinking or something like that and they started closing it. There were some good pubs nearby so we headed on to one of them.

We started drinking gin and continued making out and talking about random things. She told me a bit about her family and the places she had grown up. It quickly came to closing when we were finishing our first drinks so we grabbed another drink one before we were booted out. At this stage we both had the munchies so we walked to a late nice place to grab some grub. Paula hasn’t eaten much all day and by my usual standards neither had I. This led to us both being a little more drunk than we’d normally be considering that we hadn’t drunk all that much.

Strangely enough neither of us could actually manage to eat much food when it came to it. We didn’t hang around too long and I walked Paula home. We chatted and kissed for a while outside her house. She suggested that we hung out on Sunday! I let her go and made my way home.

Mr Downright spontaneous


  • Caroline

    I feel some potential here! ❤️

  • Richard McNeill

    A casual, relaxed sounding spontaneous date – hoping the second date went well! Great stuff mate and fingers crossed for you and some good luck