Date 22: The Disconnection

This is the continuation of The Connection Part 2, if you didn’t check it out, have a read here first!

Date 22: The Disconnection

The following Sunday I decided it was my turn to visit Laura and took the 90 minute drive out to her in the morning. It was an amazing day and we planned to go for lunch and then go for a walk and chill out. I got down at about 12.30. Laura arrived about 15 minutes late and we went straight for lunch. She booked a fairly fancy restaurant which was actually incredibly busy for a Sunday lunch time. The food was amazing. We picked up right where our previous date left off and everything was going great. after that we went to a local park and had a little stroll around here. We couldn’t have picked a better day for it.

We then decided to take a drive out to a fancy hotel about half an hour away. I didn’t particularly want to do another half hours worth of driving but Laura was quite keen on the idea so I went along with it. When we got there we went for a walk around some of the attaching gardens which were lovely. We then sat down at one of the outside bars and had a drink. Laura bumped into one of her friends who was with his family which was strange. We kept our distance anyway so it wasn’t like we were being interrupted. When we finished our drinks there wasn’t much else to do and we decided to head back to the town. It was about 5pm by now so I dropped Laura off at her car and headed home. The 4 hours of driving was quite draining I have to say. However, I felt that it was important to show that I was willing to make an effort to see her. 

So what happened next? Well, nothing! I was slow in posting the last few dates because they were few and far between. As previously mentioned, Laura worked 6 days a week including Saturdays. Due to the distance, this meant we could only really meet on Saturday nights or Sundays during the day. The following weekend Laura was at a wedding and I barely heard from her that weekend. The following weekend was her best friend’s birthday at home so I didn’t see her then either. Finally, there was last weekend. Laura was back in the city for a gig with her friends. I assumed that she would suggest meeting either before or after the gig that night. She didn’t. 

Laura suggested that we met for lunch the next day but it really didn’t suit me. I didn’t really feel like rearranging my plans for yet another Sunday lunch date when she hadn’t been particularly interested in fitting me in otherwise. Laura seemed quite annoyed when I said I wanted free on the Sunday. In fairness, every time she had been to seen me in the city she was in the city anyway to meet friends. It wasn’t like she had gone out of her way to come visit me. Laura just seemed like one of those people who had been single for long enough that they are entirely independent and happy. She was incredibly focused on her business, which of course she should be. She was also a social butterfly and her next few weekends were again filled with plans she had made with her friends.

I couldn’t begrudge Laura for having plans in place before she met me. However, she was very unavailable and wasn’t really interested in going out of her way to make time for me either. I found it a bit strange considering that she had actively messaged me on tinder. It felt like she wanted to date me and was genuinely interested in seeing me. At the same time, it also seemed that she had very little time to actually date anyone. I mentioned that I couldn’t help it if she was always busy with work or friend commitments. Laura argued that I knew she worked 6 days a week before we met up. I pointed out that her commitments were out of my control and that it didn’t sound like we would be able to see each other over the next few weeks. I tried to keep her somewhat on side but the whole thing felt a little sour and I doubt we will be meeting again.

What do you think I should do next? Back on the horse or take some time off?

Mr Downright disconnected

  • Richard McNeill

    Aww mate that was not the ending I had anticipated. It certainly sounds like Laura hasn’t worked out what she wants in her life. Lovely as she come over, my gut feel is that she will wake up one day and realise all her friends are married and settled, and she has a career…. you can’t influence her on that, she has to work it out for herself. You’ve made yourself clear and it’s up to her now, but I’d let it fizzle out. Have a break, have a few days away to get out of the city, and then carry on. As the saying goes “what’s meant to be won’t pass you”. Don’t give up hope, there is someone out there for you to date and then develop into a relationship with x

    • Wise words as always. Completely agree with you Richard. She is at the age where a lot of her friends are indeed getting married. Maybe it is bad timing with her business and that will settle down in time. However, for me there is never an inconvenient time to meet someone! As you say if it’s right you’d make time. Thank you for your support!

  • Caroline

    Oh! I was hoping this was going to be the one. 😔

  • That really sucks. It’s not fair that you were the one putting all of the effort into it and then she expected you to stop everything for a Sunday date? I understand being busy but if someone is really interested they should make more of an effort to make time for you. I hate it when it doesn’t work out!

    • Yeah I agree. Everything needs to be mutual. It’s kinda easy to get over when you no longer have to think about those long drives tho 😂

      • Deanna Michelle

        Oh definitely. Those long drives can really get you after awhile, especially when you are the only one making that drive!

        • Not hard to get over the negatives anyway!

  • Helen Rynne

    Oh I had such high hopes for this. I’m sorry it hasn’t gone the way you’d planned. Hope you’re ok about it

  • Rachael Calvert

    I’m so sorry this hasn’t worked out how you hoped. Laura sounded lovely intitially but you know what if she wasn’t going make the effort to see you then you are better off out of it.
    I’d drive the 90mins to see you 😋😉 and just you not my mates.
    Do whatever feels best, a break or jump right back up on the horse.
    Unfort sweetie only you can decide.
    Don’t give up hope tho, there are good ladies out there. I’m pretty sure she’s looking for you too. Xxx

    • Thank for kind words and the wise words Rachael! I guess I’ll go with the flow and see what happens!

      • Rachael Calvert

        Good man 🙂