Date 21: The Connection Part 2

This is the continuation ofΒ The Connection,Β if you didn’t check it out, have a read hereΒ first!

Date 21: The Connection Part 2

At the end of our date we jumped in a taxi and headed to drop Laura off first. When we got to her friend’s apartment I jumped out to hold the door open for her and she paid for the taxi! This wasn’t part of my plan but we had such a fun night that I’m sure neither of us wanted to part ways.

When it came to actually entering the apartment Laura did something weird with the lock and couldn’t manage to open the door. She had to ring her friend (the one she had taken to hospital) to wake her up and get her to let us in. She opened the door and quickly disappeared. We jumped into bed and after a lot of smooching and cuddling we eventually passed out.

We had an amazing lie in the next morning. There was plenty more kissing and cuddling (and even some teasing). When I got up to go to the bathroom Laura commented on me having the “body of a god” which was a ridiculous compliment. In fairness my past two years gym work has come to fruition. I have been on a cut for the past two months so I am in pretty decent shape at the moment. Apparently a (well fitted) shirt doesn’t necessarily convey that!

When it got to about eleven o’clock we decided we had better get a move on. I offered to take Laura for brunch before we parted ways and she gladly accepted. Her friend had a few things to do and Laura intended to meet up with her afterwards.

I was offered a shower and of course bumped into Laura’s friend in the hallway….in my boxers. That was a little awkward. I then proceeded to press the on/off button on the electric shower about twenty times. After a solid five minutes of not wanting to go back out I heard “oh is he having a shower?” followed by the flick of a switch. Thankfully I hadn’t broken the shower and all was well.

I went out and chatted to Laura’s friend for a bit (fully clothed) while Laura had a shower. She then headed out and Laura was soon ready to go as well. A few touch ups and she was looking as cute as ever!

Since Laura was going to drop me home I suggested a great spot near my house for brunch. They have a huge menu which is fantastic. They also make cappuccinos but instead of using chocolate powder on the top they use crumbled flake bars!Β We headed there and made the mistake of ordering the flake cappuccinos before the food. They are more of a desert than anything and we were only able to eat half of our food after them. The conversation continued to flow throughout and we had a lovely time. Laura demanded she paid for this one!

It was soon time to go and I suggested we went for a quick stroll before Laura hit the road. We held hands and went for a short walk. Then I kissed her goodbye and told her I would see her soon. She text me five minutes later to thank me for a great night. I thought that was a nice touch!

What do you suggest we do for our next date?

Mr Downright connected

  • Helen

    Eeek! I love this!!! The Zoo! Go to the zoo!!!

    • Oh that’s an option if the weather is ok! Can see how I size up to some of the beasts πŸ˜‚

  • Richard McNeill

    OMG so easy going and romantic!!!! Getting outdoors in this weather is brilliant, and so relaxed – has she suggested anywhere near her that she likes going to? Otherwise google and make a picnic πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Very much so, but only one time meeting! Outdoors is good I think and gets away from the dinner or drinks dates! Good to keep things varied. Picnic sounds fun and a chance to impress perhaps!

      • Richard McNeill

        Yeah, shake it up πŸ™‚

  • Richard McNeill

    By the way I’m leaving the girls to comment on the Adonis in his trunks….

    • They don’t know what I look like Richard! Not that you’ve seen me in my trunks either πŸ˜‚

      • Richard McNeill

        We all have fertile imaginations though…

  • adriftdaisy 🌼

    Wow! This sounds like a really good start of something. Did she tell you about any of her interests on the date, you could try and incorporate that into your next one πŸ™‚

    • It does! Yep she used to be a good tennis player and recently got back into it so a tennis match is in the cards at some point. I’m not sure when but we did say we’d have to do battle on the court πŸ˜‚

  • Lil

    he shoots, he scores !

  • Rachael Calvert

    Oh Oh the excitement!!! Hmmm next date something fun, like crazy golf or trip to the zoo(I’m odd). Sounds brilliant.
    I’m glad it’s went well. You clearly like this girl.
    “Body of god” ya know now all want to know what u look like!

    • It’s very exciting πŸ™Š Something fun to break the mould is needed I think. Some good suggestions there alright πŸ‘Œ haha I did say it was a ridiculous compliment…still drunk so she was! πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚

  • Catherine H

    Looks like the blog is coming to an end

  • Oooh this looks like it is headed in the right direction!! Try something fun and that would take up most of your day next time, then report back here as soon as possible!!!

    • What do you suggest?

      • Well I can’t think of everything, lol..i don’t know what you have close..a zoo, museum, beach..etc.?

        • Lots of zoo recommendations! Mmm not a museum πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’ll figure it out!