Date 20: The Connection

I have reached the next milestone in my online dating blog, date 20! 

Date 20: The Connection

I received a response from Laura on tinder last week. I had initially brushed her off as the typical tinder flake as it took her a week to reply to my opener. She looked very pretty and I quickly got a genuine, interested vibe from her. With that I didn’t want to risk not hearing from her again and she was happy to swap numbers pretty quickly.

We text each other a lot during the week. After the first day or two we planned to meet up for drinks on Saturday. Laura told me that she started her own business as a designer recently. Anything business related generally interests me and the prospect of setting up your own business is fascinating to me. I would definitely admire anyone who had the initiative to do so. I found myself asking her a million questions about it but I’d like to think she wasn’t bothered by it and took it as genuine interest from me. 

Laura also told me that she recently got back into tennis. She used to be a very good player which is awesome. I used to play ridiculous amounts of sport when I was younger and having a keen interest in sport is a winner for me!

We had great banter over what’s app all week. It made me very excited about the date but also a little apprehensive. It would be tough to get back to the world of monotonous conversations on dating apps after finding someone who you really seem to click with online for a change. Compared to during the week, we didn’t text that much on Friday and Saturday. This made me a little paranoid that Laura was going to cancel. I was probably over thinking it because she was ticking so many boxes. 

Laura lives about 90 minutes from me. Normally with online dating I’m quite lazy when I see that someone is any distance away. However it really didn’t bother me with Laura. I didn’t even think about it that much. I guess that must have been a good subliminal sign that I was into her. Ironically she lived down the road from me for nine years and only recently moved home to start her business. Trust my luck!

On the flip side Laura told me that she came to the city most weekends anyway. The night before we were due to meet she came up to go out with one of her friends who she was going to stay with for two nights. Her friend was really sick that day and Laura sounded very concerned for her. Laura had stayed up looking after her all night and in the morning took her to the hospital.  Thankfully it all went well with at the hospital. Laura’s friend was doing better in the morning and the doctor gave her stronger medication which also helped. Our date was still on much to my relief. I loved how selfless and considerate Laura came across in looking after her friend.

We planned to meet at a bar in the city but I offered to meet Laura at her train stop instead. When I saw her I was so pleasantly relieved by how great she looked! There’s always a concern that the person wont live up to their pictures but Laura looked great. She was about 5’9 and had long blonde hair. She was wearing flats so I was still a fair bit taller than her. She had a lovely white blazer on with a striped blue top on underneath and dark trousers. She had bright blue eyes and was very naturally pretty. 

We walked to the bar and both ordered g&ts. We sat down at a table and I told Laura she looked beautiful. She returned the compliment. We instantly seemed to hit it off and conversation flowed. I asked another million questions about her business. She doesn’t have a website yet and said she gets a lot of her business from Facebook and instagram. Laura said that her target market pretty much all had Facebook anyway. I pointed out that I thought a website would be beneficial. I also pointed out some of the benefits. She didn’t query how I knew this information which was good because little did she know I built a website for my blog!

Laura complimented my outfit. I took that as a big compliment coming from the designer herself! She did say that she could take or leave the jacket which was fine as it was a light jacket I brought just in case it rained. We decided to look at the food menu and ended up ordering a burger and hake with muscles. The food was good and we flew through a few more g&ts. I quizzed Laura some more on her return to tennis.

Several times while chatting we went off on random tangents and then forgot what we were initially talking about. I think it was a sign that we were getting on well and both throwing in witty or random comments here and there which diverted attention. We got into one deep conversation which I don’t wish to divulge. It was something very close to home for both of us and I’ll admit I did get a little upset. Laura picked up on this and help my hand while we chatted. I made some jokes about it and the mood remained uplifted.

I referenced us texting a lot all week but being concerned she might bail come the date as the texting had slowed. She explained that she was busy which I knew was the case anyway. On the topic of not replying to me for a week she said that she had been at a wedding and was crazy busy all week. She also said that I was the only guy that she replied to on tinder and that she barely looked at it. I took it as a massive compliment given that I thought she could have any bloke she wanted.

We both commented on how well the date was going. Laura told me that she wanted to kiss me. This was quite a surprise despite the seamless start to the date. It was only about an hour and a half into the date. I didn’t expect her to put her cards on the table so quickly even though we had agreed that it was going well already. She said that she knew we had a connection  and that she wasn’t afraid to say so and I looked hot. She also needed to go to the bathroom. I told her that I’d hate to make her wait, but to go pee and I’d still be there when I got back.

When Laura got back I took my turn to go to the bathroom. When I returned I sat back down opposite her and the asked if she wanted me to sit beside her. She said yes and after a few random comments I kissed her. It didn’t disappoint at all. We kept the g&ts coming and chatted about the weddings we had recently been at. We then got on to the topic of travel. Laura told me that she wouldn’t have the time to go away this year with her business. Unfortunately I didn’t have a prospective travel buddy on my hands.

I paid our tab the next time our drinks came when Laura went to the bathroom. We had evidently powered through 14 g&ts in no time at all! She complained about me footing the bill which I knew she would. Laura suggested we went to another busier late night bar when we finished our drinks. The current venue was lovely but relatively quiet. It was actually full of dates. We happily moved on to somewhere a bit more lively. 

Laura told me that I wasn’t allowed pay for any more drinks and got us a round as the new venue. We found a nice spot at the end of the bar where the dance floor space started. Everyone was dancing and having the banter, the music was great. The drink definitely started to hit us after a while. There was lots of kissing and plenty of dancing as well. I also took a few selfies because why not!

On our last round Laura left half of her drink behind for a fresh one. I could see that she was hitting a wall and I felt just about ready to go after those drinks as well. After a few more questionable dance moves we decided that we’d had enough fun for one night. With that said, I don’t think either of us wanted the date to end. There was definitely a very strong connection between the two of us, that was apparent from the beginning. We headed outside and jumped in a taxi.

Now I just have to play it cool?

Mr Downright connected

  • Lil

    Sounds promising, dude?! Fingers crossed for ya

    • Thank you Lil! She is awesome! Fingers crossed myself 😋

  • Caroline

    Oh I like the sound of where this is going!

    • Me too! If two kissing gin glasses don’t say it all I don’t know what does! 😂

  • Richard McNeill

    Wow, this is a different kind of date – and hopefully the start of something more. It’s great that you aren’t bothered about the distance too. Fingers and toes all crossed for you both 👫👍

    • Thank you Richard! I guess when it feels right you care less about the stumbling blocks! You’re the expert on distance I’m sure you’ll lend some advice there 😉

      • Richard McNeill

        Ha! My ex was in Belfast whereas I’m in Donegal, so I got the best of both worlds at that time – the city at the weekend and country in the working week. When I dumped him, I was more concerned about losing my city life!

        Other things, learn where the best coffee stop for the drive between you and your other half… Come up with ideas away from where you both live to go and visit so the effort is mutual… distance relationships can work!

        • See I knew you’d be good on this one! Always full of wise words sir! I will keep this in mind!

  • Rachael Calvert

    Woohoo we have a winner!!!!
    Ah that’s great that you’ve finally found a spark and connection.
    Fingers crossed. Can’t wait for the next instalment. Xo