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Date 2: My Dog Has Worms

If you are wondering what happened with Ashley after The Train Wreck, this is what happened:
Train Wreck Part Two

I felt pretty bad for Ashley in her situation and for making her cry. I did have a nice time with her and so asked if she wanted to meet me for lunch during the week. The hour long lunch break always flies and this date was no exception. I met Ashley outside my office and we had food in a Thai restaurant nearby. It seemed like Ashley didn’t have much to say and I wasn’t sure if she was a bit awkward after our first date or whether we didn’t particularly click. It was over before I had any real chance to gauge how I was feeling about her.

A few days later Ashley asked if I wanted to hang out after work so I decided another date was necessary to determine the lay of the land. We decided to just chill out at her apartment and watch some TV. I was I tired after some long hours in work and she wanted to wind down before work as well. We watched some random TV programs and of course drank tea. After a while we made out, and then she basically tried to have sex with me! It was a little bit awkward. She asked if I wanted to stay, but I really didn’t fancy driving home to get my work clothes and then back to work in the morning. I suggested we left that until the next time.

Ashley acted like it wasn’t a problem at all. However, I got the distinct impression that she was upset. Again. She was fine when she came back from the bathroom though. It just felt like I was walking on eggshells. I was worried that anything I did could upset her and decided it was probably best to leave things thereafter. Some angry texts later confirmed my suspicions.

Date 2: My Dog Has Worms

I matched with Lynn on tinder and was instantly drawn by her pictures. Her tinder was linked to her instagram and I could see that she was a very active person. She seemed to have competed in a few triathlons, had an athletic body, was medium height with brown/blonde hair. Our initial conversation was a little strange. After a few short messages she asked if she could get back to me in a few days. Then, after about ten minutes she continued with the conversation. We chatted briefly and when I sensed an opportunity to grab her number I jumped on it.

There was something about Lynn that just caught my attention. She appeared to be very good looking, which of course helped, but her pictures made her seem quite interesting and adventurous. I also felt that it would be tough work getting her to agree to a date. However, a few days later after a bit of ground work we did arrange to go for drinks on the coming Saturday.

Two days later on the Wednesday after work Lynn asked what I was doing and the answer was nothing. She was at a work event and suggested we met up afterwards for a drink. I had been a little worried that she would cancel our Saturday plans. Spontaneity is never a bad thing and it is very rare that girls proactively suggest dates with me out of the blue. With that in mind, I decided to go along with the suggestion.

Lynn needed to pop home first and I got a taxi to some bars near her apartment at 8 o’clock as agreed. We hadn’t arranged which bar to meet at and I was too busy having a shower and getting ready to text her. When I arrived I called her and she didn’t answer. For the next ten minutes I hung around and it was starting to feel a bit sketchy. Did I send you off on a wild goose chase with the title? Was I going to be stood up for the first time in the blog?

The answer is no (short anticlimax there, you’re welcome). Lynn rang me and said that when she arrived home her housemates informed her that her puppy was sick. She had to take him to the vet and asked if I would come along. I was slightly taken aback by this and a little annoyed but I guess it wasn’t her fault. It was also freezing outside and I had gone for style over warmth with my jacket selection. I grabbed a coffee while I waited for Lynn to meet me (she didn’t want one, I did ask).

Lynn soon approached me with a gigantic smile. She was carrying a ridiculously cute bedlington terrier puppy (Harry) wrapped in a blanket. Poor Harry had a swollen stomach. He hadn’t been wormed yet which was the main cause for concern. Lynn looked great as well, another seemingly would date kind of girl. She was wearing a full length coat though so I couldn’t see too much of her. The vet was a good 40 minute walk away. I offered to get my car but Lynn was happy to walk.

Strangely enough the whole situation made for a good ice breaker. The walk didn’t seem to take very long at all. We had all sorts of random conversations about nothing of consequence. When we got to the vet a scraggly looking man opened the door and brought us inside. It looked like his clinic was the sitting room in his house.

The vet said hello to Harry and let him lick his beard before commenting on his “lovely puppy breath.” It was bizarre. I was more impressed than anything by the fact Harry didn’t flinch when a thermometer was shoved guess where. Lynn somehow seemed to miss this happening, I have no idea how. After some further inspection the vet gave Lynn a worming tablet. He asked for both of our mobile numbers to follow up with. I instantly regretted giving him my number as I could picture myself getting a random phone call the next week.

The walk back was much like the first. We discussed the strange vet and some more things of no consequence. We also talked a little about work, she was a solicitor by the way. I carried Harry this time as Lynn’s arms were getting tired. When we got back we left Harry and the kids (as I dubbed them) at Lynn’s apartment. It was about 10.30 at this stage. We just about had time for a quick drink.

We walked to a pub down the road and I got us both a glass of white wine. Lynn revealed the lovely colourful flowery dress she had been wearing underneath the whole time. Apparently she was brand new to tinder, hence the initial comments when I messaged her. I commended her on her spontaneity and bravery. She complimented me on my witty remarks throughout the date so far.

The glasses were soon empty and it was time to go as we both had work the next day. I walked Lynn back to her apartment and she asked if I wanted to come inside. This really threw me as it was close to midnight and work was already beginning to consume my thoughts. It never crossed my mind that she would ask me in. I suggested it was a bit late and Lynn’s response was “yeah I suppose so.” I gave her a quick kiss and headed home.

Was I reading too much into the invite?

Mr Downright intrigued

  • Louise

    Lynn sounds lovely! Don’t let her wait too long! Ask her out again quickly, so she won’t feel embarrassed about having asked you in 🙂

    • That would imply that you think I wasn’t reading too much into the invite, interesting 🙂