Date 19: Wedding Afters Part 2

This is the follow-up to Wedding Afters, if you didn’t check it out, have a read here first!

Date 19: Wedding Afters Part 2

After the last date date with Gemma I was on the fence. I pointed out that I did like Gemma and I think she liked me. She seemed like a very genuine person and I didn’t think there would be any messing with her. With that, I felt that I had to give things a go and we decided to meet up for lunch a few days later. Neither of us were in the mood for drinks after the amount of  drink we had at the wedding!

I picked Gemma up and drove us to a good spot nearby as it was lashing rain and we could get parking right outside. We ordered some lovely sandwiches and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Gemma still felt very cold to me. Conversation still flowed relatively well, it was all very nice but that was about it. Gemma just came across very timid. She told me that she would not consider herself quiet at all which baffled me a bit. With me it is generally the complete opposite. People often think I am very outgoing because I am so relaxed on dates, when in fact I would not be considered an extrovert at all.

I had thought that Gemma might have been nervous on our first date and questioned if dinner was a good idea. The reality was that she was no different this time around either. She is definitely a softly spoken person, not to be confused with someone who isn’t talkative. However, it did feel like I was running the show. It was a fairly brief date and we sat down on some benches for a brief while after the food. It felt a little awkward and after hanging out for a while I dropped Gemma home.

After that date I was still on the fence and decided another date couldn’t hurt. Gemma was definitely fairly keen with texting which also helped to persuade me. We still didn’t feel like drinking and decided to go to the cinema. Of course a cinema date isn’t generally great if you’re trying to figure out how into someone you are. Gemma picked me up this time. We met about an hour before the film and got milkshakes. The conversation was much the same as the previous date. Everything flowed reasonably well but I didn’t exactly feel like there was any great connection between us, or chemistry for that matter.

There was very little to report from the film as we barely talked to each other. We went to see king arthur which was decent. It had pretty mediocre reviews but we wanted to see it anyway. It was a decent film, not terrible but wouldn’t be watching it again either. After the film Gemma dropped me straight home. 

As previously mentioned, I have been accused of not giving things a go in the past. This coupled with the fact that Gemma was best friends with my best friend’s wife made me feel like I had to give it a reasonable shot. I did ask a few people whether you always know how you feel about someone straight away or whether they sometimes grow on you. The feedback was mixed. In this case Gemma didn’t really grow on me at all. I was on the fence after the first date and really didn’t see it going anyway. She is a lovely girl, but I didn’t feel any real connection or chemistry between us. I would be fairly surprised if she had anything different to say.

 With that said, I felt like I had given things more than a fair shot with Gemma but just wasn’t feeling it. I suggested we left things in the nicest way I could and she took it well. I’d like to think that she agreed with me but it wasn’t the most pleasant of conversations for me to instigate. Unfortunately my real life escapades didn’t bring me any success on this occasion.

Mr Downright sparkless

  • Caroline

    Well at least you gave it a shot!

    • Desperate times and all that 😂 Ah no it was the right thing to do I think but just wasn’t feeling it

  • Richard McNeill

    Good on you sir for having another date and being a gentleman. Sadly Mr DD & Gemma are not to be, but you can hold your head high. “What’s meant to be won’t pass you” as the saying goes 👍

    • Thank you kind sir. Starting to lose hope here 😓😂

      • Richard McNeill

        Never allow yourself to give up hope 🤗

  • Caroline

    Maybe you’re looking for something that is only in fairytales and movies…?

    • Maybe it’s not them it’s me! No I wont settle ☝️🤦‍♂️

      • Caroline

        I didn’t suggest you settle but maybe that moment you’re looking for doesn’t come so quickly after meeting someone? 😜

        • I think I have this one enough of a chance!

          • Caroline

            Well I look forward to hearing about the next lucky lady. 😁

    • Richard McNeill

      That’s my trouble, 44 gay and a romantic….

      • Gay romantic? How Gay!

        • Richard McNeill

          Cheeky!!! What’s wrong with wanting romance in your life???

  • Rachael Calvert

    🙁 ah double D I’m sorry. Well you know what you give it ure best shot and your didn’t give up after the first date.
    Don’t give up hope we are a lovely bunch of pineapples us ladies (sugar has gone to my head)
    The spark will be there with someone…….promise

    • Thank you for the positive words and the pineapple innuendo 😂

  • Natalie Louise Forti

    I think the problem was the lack of alcohol – the initial dating period should always be spent drunk to loosen each other up!

    • Interesting, do you not think with the right person you don’t need to be drunk? I think it helps….but think of great dates you had…were they not great from the get go, or only great after you got tipsy? I would have thought you’d know pretty quickly how into the person you are, the booze just helps take the edge off?