Date 18: Wedding Afters

If you are wondering what happened with Jade after Gin and Distractions, this is what happened:
Gin and Distractions Part 2

I wasn’t particularly feeling it after the last date with Jade. We only had food in the first bar and left quickly thereafter. As the title suggested, the whole incident with Jade’s friends was very distracting and really took away from the second half of the date. There was definitely an attraction there but I wouldn’t go so far as to say there was any chemistry either. I was pretty sure that she knew her friends would be there and didn’t like that she wouldn’t own up to it. In fact she got quite sassy when I asked her about it when really it was all too coincidental for me to believe otherwise. In the end I just didn’t feel bothered about another date.

Date 18: Wedding Afters

My best friend got married recently as I mentioned regularly on my twitter account leading up to the wedding. A lot of work went into the wedding from all involved. The stag was on the weekend beforehand and despite some stressful moments I think the groom had a great time. It was then a very busy week leading up to the wedding but it was absolutely worth it. The wedding itself was fantastic. Everything went to plan, no mishaps, no drama. The speeches went well, mine went really well! I think I hit a fine balance between roasting the groom and some sincere words. The food was great, the band were good and the dj went down very well too! I think everyone had a great day, and night, and the bride and groom were delighted with how the day panned out.

I realised that the boy-girl ratio was very heavily in my favour during the dinner. It must have been the combination of decent starting point, a dapper three piece suit and a good speech, but I had options. Quite a few girls went out of their way to catch my attention during the evening. Admittedly a had a bit of banter with one or two but didn’t pay much attention to the majority of the attention. I didn’t actually know very many people at the wedding so I spent a lot of time floating about and chatting to the two families and strangers alike.

I spent quite a while chatting to one girl who intended to set me up with a rather good looking friend of hers! However, this girl eventually got very drunk and developed her own agenda. Unfortunately she was married with kids and I had absolutely no interest in her! A group of us were up and down between my room and the bar as we had drink in the room and we had to vacate the dance floor for an hour while while the band were setting up. At one point I got fed up with this girl following me around and went into the hall to chat to one of the groomsmen. This girl thought I was in our bathroom and burst through the doors only to find another groomsman (who I was sharing the room with) taking a number two. This moment came close to the highlight of the wedding.

When we went back to the dance floor I ended up getting with another girl. She initially caught my eye after the service when I was walking a bridesmaid back down the aisle immediately after the bride and groom. She caught my eye because she hurled a ball of confetti at my bridesmaid! Her name was Gemma. She was 5’10 with dyed blonde hair, blue eyes,  wearing a lovely blue dress and cream blaser. We danced and laughed and took plenty of selfies with the rest of the group until the late hours. She ended up staying in my room (no funny business). I had no idea what happened to the groomsman I was supposed to be sharing the room with but apparently he did some damage elsewhere. I dropped Gemma to her b&b in the morning and I was most definitely not in a state to be driving a car.

Gemma and I text each other a lot after the wedding and arranged to go for dinner on Friday. I picked an Italian restaurant with a very good reputation that I’d been eager to try out. We met half an hour before dinner and had a drink around the corner. Gemma was wearing a flowery top, black trousers and flats. The initial interaction was a bit awkward, more so than I was expecting. I did most of the talking and we soon had to head for food.

We ordered three courses at dinner and the food was great. The conversation flowed reasonably well. We spent pretty much the entire meal talking about the wedding and the bride and groom. Gemma used to live with the bride until she moved in with the groom about two months ago. It was obvious that both of us ended up quite drunk at the wedding and our recollections were hazy at best. We did end up repeating a few conversations.

After the dinner we moved on to a bar nearby. The music was good and we definitely did loosen up a bit. We danced and shared a few kisses. The conversation still wasn’t flowing as well as I’d expect it to and I was spuring most of the conversation. It did feel like Gemma was starting off cold but warming to me gradually. There wasn’t a lot of banter or flirting. I got the impression that Gemma was the type of person who would need a bit of time to fully warm to someone and open up to. We headed home after another couples of drinks.

I normally feel that you either have a strong connection or you don’t. In this case I was on the fence but I did like Gemma and I think she liked me. She seemed like a very genuine person and I don’t think there would be any messing with her. I have been accused of not giving things a go in the past but it did feel like this was worth giving another go.

Do you think you always know after one date?

Mr Downright groomed

  • LadyIrish

    It depends on the person sometimes you can tell after a first date but go for a second and that will really tell if shes genuine i hope it works out.

    • I think you’re right…hopefully there’s enough attraction there that if the connection gets stronger it will last!

  • Rachael Calvert

    Downright groomed…….wait, are you getting married now Too?!??? Lol
    Ok so the wedding sounds like great craic that poor girl and other groomsman nobody wants that to happen.
    Right so ure date with Gemma, 3 course meal may have been a bit too much for a 1st date. Drinks could have worked better just. It can be a bit intimidating when I’ve only met once and you don’t have much of a memory as too that night you met.
    Yeah maybe she just needs some time to warm up.
    Do you like her?

    • No but the 3 piece looked well 😉 I think you’re maybe right on the food as I like to do that for 2nd dates. The thing was it was such a heavy night of boozing that neither of us were excited by the prospect of drinks so it was more food with a few drinks that drinks with food.
      I like her it’s just a question of how much!

      • Rachael Calvert

        Ahhh got to love 3 piece suit!
        Well go on 2nd date and find out how much you like her?
        What harm is there?

  • Richard McNeill

    Don’t bathroom doors have locks? That aside, you can’t tell after a first date in my opinion, also you met at a wedding so the first date was all about recollections from that day as that’s what you have in common – maybe a second date would be more relaxed? With this lovely weather, take her for a walk in the park and see how the conversation flows as the walk progresses?

    • I don’t think this one did have a lock! It was a funny two part slidey door!
      Totally agree agree re the second date!

  • Richard McNeill

    And as for 3 course Italian, what are you trying to do to your waistline??? Think of how well you looked in the suit and the reaction it got…

    • Haha good man Richard! It’s fine my diet is going well all is as planned so far 👌

  • Natalie Louise Forti

    What is it with you and meals on a first date! Talk about making it awkward haha! Let her warm up to you- thought guys were supposed to enjoy the chase of someone not being too easy and all that?!

    • Well as I said neither of us wanted to go for drinks really. I’m not about the chase missy!