Date 17: Gin and Distractions

If you are wondering what happened with Lucy after Pizza After Hours Part 2, this is what happened:
Pizza After Hours Part 3

I really wasn’t feeling it after the last date with Paula. There was definitely an attraction there but I wouldn’t go so far as to say there was any chemistry. It didn’t feel like we really clicked. If anything this would lead to a fun time relationship as opposed to anything serious and I didn’t see a future. With that I went back to my dating profiles and checked out what else what out there.

Date 17: Gin and Distractions

I came across Jade on plenty of fish. Conversation was slow to progress but we eventually swapped numbers. She told me that she didn’t go on many online dates but she’d never had a bad date. Apparently she vetted them quite well! Jade suggested the location and bar and I happily agreed. Jade’s taxi came super early and she arrived about 10 minutes before me. Apparently she had great chats with the taxi driver and loved thee random conversations. The bar was a gin bar with a small food menu. When I got there Jade was sitting at a table in the corner upstairs. Great people watching spot!

Jade had curled blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a black top, white trousers and high heels. We ordered food pretty quickly, I went for a burger and Jade ordered mini burgers. Jade had a rose and I stuck with the old reliable gin. I rather quickly observed the two girls who sat down at the table beside us and decided that they were lesbians on a first date. My only basis for this was that they seemed a little awkward and they ordered drinks separately as one nipped off to the bathroom first. Jade wasn’t convinced but I stuck to my guns.

The lesbians left after one drink and three guys moved to the table. One accidentally shoved his ass in Jade’s face while slipping into his seat. Jade was less than amused (unlike myself, finding it rather amusing). Jade went to bathroom and supposedly bumped into her friend who somehow saw her from downstairs. This was strange given there were toilets upstairs and downstairs. You couldn’t see anything up there from below either. Apparently she had told her friend she was going on a date and her friend appeared at the same bar, also on a date, without telling her. I did not believe this for a second!

When Jade returned she noticed a guy standing in front of us at a ledge fixing his belt. Jade commented on his big ass. I pointed out that she was big into her asses and definitely perved on mine when I went to the bathroom earlier. Jade neither confirmed nor denied.

The food arrived and Jade dropped some food on herself which thankfully fell on her napkin and not her white pants. She told me that the last time she wore those trousers was for a confirmation and she got tan all over them. I commended her on wearing the ‘special occasion pants’ for me. Jade denied that the tan issue was caused by her being a sweaty weirdo.

I sneakily paid the bill when Jade went to the toilet again, she wasn’t impressed. Jade overhead the lads beside us having a heated discussion about capitalism. We joked about it and she ended it with “whatever you’re into” I suppose. I responded “I know what you’re into and it involves taxi drivers and my ass.” A couple then joined the lads beside us and I caught the girl eyeing me up a few times. I think she liked the view. The bar was closing early and we decided to move to another late opening bar down the road. Jade checked her phone and shock horror her friend was already at the bar we were heading towards.

When we got there I realised her friend had been drinking with a couple she also knew. Her friends tinder date had arrived not so long ago and joined the three of them. Her date went straight to the bar to get the two of them drinks. Apparently the fella had gotten quite a grilling from the girl in the couple. He was certainly very brave joining the three of them. It sounded like the couple had been doing a lot more talking than Jade’s friend was. She complained that he didn’t look like his pictures and wasn’t very good-looking.

When he got back from the bar I introduced myself. He stood there awkwardly for a minute then wandered off. We assumed that he had gone to the toilet. However, we gradually realised that he wasn’t coming back! He sent her a text shortly after saying that he had decided to bail.

I felt sorry for the guy in the sense that he had probably hoped to be able to chat away to his date and didn’t expect a grilling from the friend. They were all joking about it but it didn’t sound like a very nice thing to do. When we appeared he probably thought a second onslaught was coming and ran for the hills. We actually had no interest in hanging out with the bunch of them. He clearly didn’t react to it all very well though. I think the friend was annoyed in the sense that it was a form of rejection, since she had given the impression that she was in no way interested in him anyway. We chatted to the others for a while and then moved to another part of the bar.

This was all a big distraction in terms of our date. It dominated the conversation until we parted ways after another few drinks. We only had mains in the first bar and left quickly thereafter so we didn’t have a lot of time there to chat. It didn’t really feel like I got to know Jade very well. It didn’t feel like the barrier was down and then all of this commotion followed.

Do you believe that Jade didn’t know her friends would be there?

Mr Downright skeptical

  • LadyIrish

    Course she knew her friend would be there sounds like they set up between them in case either date was bad it just what girls do.

    • Agreed! Do you think that’s a bit sly though?

  • Ugh, what a rotten thing to do on a first date. She didn’t sound like she was a great date to begin with but then adding in all of the extra people just makes things awkward for you and the other guy. I don’t like her already and I don’t know much about her!

    • Well….I’m pretty sure she knew about the friends being there alright, in which case I don’t know why she didn’t just say yeah my friends decided to come along just in case but don’t worry they won’t bother us.

      When it came to the 2nd bar…is was the obvious spot to go…I don’t think she wanted to hang out with her friends either….we went to another party of the bar pretty quickly and when I left she went home too she didn’t go back to her friends. It was more that the whole commotion with the other date was very distracting. In terms of getting to know her it could have ended after the food!

  • Lyndsey O’Neill

    Totally pre planned with the friend for when a date isn’t going well so either her friend wanted her to meet up because her date was going badly or jade didn’t think yours was going too well. Feel sorry for the other guy definitely makes for an akward first date don’t blame him bailing like he did.

    • They could have picked a pub across the road there’s lots in the area!
      Yeah I wouldn’t fancy a group interview like he was subjected to!

  • Richard McNeill

    Of course she knew, it was all arranged beforehand… she’s missed the chance to make a great frist impression and find out how good a guy you are. Plenty of fish, more like she’s slipped through the net! Next mate… the ideal date is out there for you!

  • Lil

    She most definitely lied about it being a coincidence! That in itself would put me right off, maybe the couple was there to grill you too? Also, why get annoyed if she wasn’t interested at all?!

    • Agreed, I did call her out on it and she changed the subject.!

  • Natalie Louise Forti

    It sounds like maybe she is a nervous dater in terms of she likes to have friends around her as backup for her own safety – it would explain why she hasn’t been on many online dates. I wouldn’t say it was manipulated and pre planned in a bad way, more just she’s not an experienced confident dater and the same goes for her friend. Don’t blame the guy for scuttling. If you are going to have a “group date” -ASK the other party first if it’s something they are ok with.

    • Hmm yeah I’d have to agree with that. I don’t think she was all that nervous either though. I doubt the friends followed her there. She had to know!
      I did feel sorry for that bloke alright!