Date 16: Pizza After Hours Part 2

This is the follow-up to Pizza After Hours, if you didn’t check it out, have a read here first!

Date 16: Pizza After Hours Part 2

We left off date 15 with me suggesting that Paula and I went to bed. This was of course me alluding to the fact that it was the end of the date. After all, I wouldn’t dream of cutting you lot off part way though a date now would I? Well, I certainly wouldn’t after the amount of “ooooomg what happened next??!” dm’s I got on twitter!

First off, you lot are a very presumptuous bunch! This was particularly interesting a mere week after so many of you nominated me for a Nobel prize when I cut The Brazilian loose. I could easily have kept Lucy in the fun time category and fooled around until a more datable girl came along. However, that’s not really my style. I also would probably have to deal with herds of women accusing me being a f#ckboy before sending each other e-hugs and arranging solidarity brunches. Now if you think I used the term ‘herd’ by chance, you would be very mistaken. I was referring to a very specific group of women who are best described in this video so eloquently narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Anyway….as fun as that would be, I didn’t go there, yet you were nearly all very presumptuous when it came to Paula!

So what actually happened next? Well, the answer is not a lot. It really was the end of the date! I got into bed, Paula stripped and got into bed. We kissed for a while and then I rolled onto my back, Paula snuggled into me and we went to sleep. I quickly dozed off, content with a belly full of pizza and wine and the knowledge that my spidey senses had not misguided me. If you aren’t focused right now, that means that enhancements had indeed been made (and shame on you).

When we woke up, I can neither confirm nor deny the accusations that we fooled around a bit. However, I can absolutely confirm that we did not play hide the sausage. You masses of presumptuous folk ought to be ashamed of yourselves! I know that I am an international man of mystery and all that jazz, but come on, I even mentioned in the last date that it is quite common for good dates to end back in bed together but nothing usually happens! This date was no different. Unfortunately there was no breakfast in bed, or any breakfast for that matter. Sausages would have been nice come to think about it. Paula made me coffee and that was about it. She dropped me home after we snoozed for probably too long.

Paula and I were texting quite a lot over the next few days and opted to hang out again. We decided to order a takeaway and watch some netflix. No, this was not a ‘netflix and chill’ plan! We ordered a chinese as soon as I arrived, let me tell you women are not good for my diet. It took us forever to find something to watch but we ended up starting season one of Power. I had already seen it all, but it’s very good so I was happy to watch it again. We were intertwined on the couch and churned though a good number of episodes.

The company was good, there was plenty of chit-chat in and amongst episodes. It is the kind of activity where it is hard for the date to go badly. I would have to make some unwelcome advances to muck up this kind of date, but I don’t think they would have been unwelcome anyway! It all felt quite natural to me, but at the same time, something didn’t quite sit right with me.

When it came to bed time, being sober Paula was a lot less brave and we somewhat re-enacted the previous dates ending. In the morning, again no breakfast was forthcoming. I found this rather upsetting. This time I had the car and drove myself home.

At this point, I had a few various thoughts going through my head. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do next. Perhaps it wasn’t the right second date option.

Do you think it was too early for a netflix and chill date?

Mr Downright chilled

  • Irish_lady

    Its never too early for a netflix and chill date but as you know drink makes everyone brave so without the drink maybe she just wasnt into it..

    • I think she was afraid to after she tried it on the first time and I didn’t oblige!

  • Lyndsey O’Neill

    Out of all of your dates i would say this one sounds like it could go somewhere, the fact that you were both so comfortable with each other is a good sign but something tells me the next instalment is going to have a not so happy ending 😂

    Your very observant by the way with your enhancement radar on these dates lol.

    • Hmm…I think Leah on the pub crawl had the most promise. Like I said it’s hard not to get on with someone if you’re just sitting watching tv, but you’re not getting to know each other very well I don’t think?
      Ah yes nothing gets past me very observant 😉

  • And we’ll they should be, making me out to be some houchy 😂😂 I think it probably was too soon even if you’re comfortable with it you don’t get to know each other too well. It’s like a cinema date. What am I unsure about…well there wasn’t as much chemistry or banter there, even as compared to other dates which ultimately weren’t successful!

  • Lyndsey O’Neill

    Yeah i agree too soon for a Netflix date

  • Karen

    Loved the YouTube video- very informative 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Thanks Karen 😂😂😂 I feel David Attenborough is the best man to describe females sometimes 😅

  • Caroline

    Next time bring breakfast and cook for her! 😂
    Also video is spot on, Sir Attenborough would be proud!

    • Next time stock your fridge and I’ll do the rest! 👌
      Oh I think so! He so brilliantly described them! 😂

      • Caroline

        My fridge is always well stocked! 🥓🍳🍞☕️🍻👍🏼

  • Lil

    If I didn’t get fed twice I would be extremely upset as well especially breakfast! Maybe sharing a bed so soon wasn’t such a great idea….
    DON’T get me started on the herd…. 🙄🙄🙄

    • Most important meal if the day and everything! Doesn’t sound like wifey material eh?! 😂 Meh I don’t have an issue with that.
      Haha not happy with the herd? 🙊

      • Lil

        Herd mentality isn’t really my thing

  • Richard McNeill

    Ah… the signs aren’t good. 2nd date could easily be Netflix & chill whereas it sounds like you pair were friends on the sofa debating the merits of a box set. Cuddling and no breakfast too, shame on her! What you could do for a 3rd date is to invite her to yours, cook dinner, wine, all candles and romantic, breakfast in bed, etc – show her a romantic side & set the standard. Don’t get too comfortable together too soon – been there, done that, ditched him after a few weeks as he was already boring and formulaic. It’s early days, shake it up!!!

    • Yeah there was a physical attraction alright but as far as chemistry goes I’m not so sure.
      I like your idea, but I’m not sure that she merits that kind of treatment, is that an awful thing to say? I guess what I mean by that is I’m not sure I’m bothered making that much effort, so I’m obviously not really that into her!

      • Richard McNeill

        Which all sounds too “comfortable” on many levels…

  • I don’t necessarily think it was too soon for a netflix and chill kinda night.. but, like Richard suggested, shake it up some, go out and do something FUN. Laugh and be silly together! Those are the best dates!! She really should have made you breakfast though, just sayin’. ..Btw, the huge sausage photo is a great attention grabber!!!

    • Not showing the wifey capabilities eh 😝
      I know and it makes me hungry every time I look at it 😂