Date 15: Pizza After Hours

If you are wondering what happened with Lucy after The Brazilian, this is what happened:
The Brazilian Part 2

I decided that it was definitely worth meeting Lucy again after **date one** with the Brazilian hottie. We arranged to meet on Friday but Lucy cancelled at 4 o’clock saying that she had a headache. I went out with friends on Friday and Lucy ended up suggesting we met on Saturday instead. She was meeting some of her own friends that night but was free at 10.30. Of course thoughts of The Setup Part 2 and Too Much Dutch crossed my mind. I had no interest in babysitting a glossy-eyed date or having to wash curry sauce out of my jeans again! For those concerned, I did get it out! However, I did get the impression from our first date that Lucy wasn’t a big drinker. I was pretty confident that she wouldn’t show up half cut and banging of vodka.

We met up in the city and decided to go for some g&ts in a busy pub. Thankfully Lucy did indeed seem quite sober when we met. She was wearing all black under a pink blaser and looking quite sharp. We found a spot upstairs to sit down at which was handy. I had been worried that after covering most of the bases on our first date there wouldn’t be much to talk about. There were definitely some awkward silences and parts where I felt like I had to think of something to keep the conversation going. It certainly wasn’t flowing as well as you would want it to. It wasn’t always that easy to tell what Lucy was saying between her accent and the loud music.

There was undoubtedly chemistry between us but it felt like we had nothing in common. I was quite tired after the late night with my friends the night before. It didn’t help that I had to wait until 10.30 to come out either. Lucy was also tired from working all day. We had four drinks and then we were both ready to head home. I put Lucy in a taxi and that was that.

I’m sure most guys would have kept it going with a hot Brazilian who was eager. However, I just wasn’t that bothered. We didn’t really click and for me Lucy would be going into the fun time category. We didn’t have anything in common and conversation certain didn’t flow as you’d want it to. For me, the purpose of this journey is to find something a little more substantial than what I could see happening with Lucy. I hesitantly decided to move on.

Date 15: Pizza After Hours

After  chatting with Paula on plenty of fish we swapped numbers and arranged to go for a few drinks within another couple of days. Paula was tall, about 5’9 and had medium length straight brown hair. In our brief time texting I didn’t gather a whole lot of information other than the fact that she worked as a nurse and is from Scotland but living in London a long time. She had nice pictures and seemed like a pleasant girl, so I figured why not!

Paula lives about 15 minutes from me so we met at a convenient bar on the outskirts of the city. My taxi took forever to come and I arrived just about on time, but Paula was a little early and text ahead asking what drink I wanted, service or what! I placed my order for a gin and promptly spotted her at the bar when I walked inside. My first impression was that she looked nice, tall (not quite as tall as me in her heels) and I could tell she was a little nervous.

We were both dressed quite casually, it was a Thursday night after all. Neither of us had work the next day (I had some extra days that needed taking and….Paula is a nurse). Paula had baggy-ish jeans with tears in them (I disliked the baggyness, those pants aren’t supposed to be baggy Homer!). She was wearing small black heels and a dark long-sleeved top which showed the outline of her….chest. I sensed that enhancements had been made. My spidey senses were tingling, I was more certain than I was with The Vegan.

It was quite late when we met and although generally a quiet bar it was very busy and I think we found the last table in the place. It was a four person table and I sat on the comfy side beside Paula. The first thing that stood out was that while sitting beside each other, Paula barely looked at me when talking. We were both sitting at a 45 degree angle facing each other but she sat looking forward for a good 20 minutes barely making eye contact. I don’t know if she was nervous or intimidated. I know that I am an international man of mystery and all that, but it really irritated me. It could have been the way we were sitting….nah….it wasn’t the way we were sitting. This does happen, sometimes a date I’ve just met won’t make much eye contact while they speak. People always tell me that I have nice eyes and that they are quite intense. 

After about 20 minutes Paula started to make a bit more eye contact and seemed to settle. We had about 5 or 6 drinks and chit-chatted about work, holidays, dating….the usual boring but must know kind of conversation with me throwing in the odd witty comment. We were both enjoying the drinks and when it came to last orders we hadn’t been there all that long. I had been maintaining a solid pace with the g&ts and Paula was keeping up. We both fancied a few more drinks, possibly more so than each other’s company although we were getting on fine! Paula asked if I drank wine and suggested we went back to hers and had a go at some of her stock. She made some comments earlier about being on her own in the apartment and I had picked up that she might ask me back (those spidey senses again).

I agreed to the continuation of the date but suggested we grabbed some food first. After some time and careful deliberations over pizza toppings we settled on a pizza. It should be known that I take my pizza very seriously. I eat clean and train hard during the week so that I can afford the odd cheat meal over the weekend. Getting the toppings right is essential. We opted for tandoori chicken, pepperoni, peppers and sweetcorn. We then cautiously escorted said high priority package back to Paula’s. Interestingly, this was the first time of the series where this had happened. I usually find that quite a lot of weekend dates which are going well end up back at someone’s house although nothing usually happens (no grand revealing of enhancements etc).

When we got back to Paula’s it did cross my mind that we hadn’t even kissed yet, so when we were in the kitchen I did give her a kiss. She made a groaning noise and I got the impression that she didn’t want me to stop….so I stopped. We devoured the pizza like two ravenous animals and progressed to the wine. Paula started blaring some music and it struck me that she might have been feeling the effects of the booze more than I was. It was an apartment block and I didn’t think the neighbours would be too impressed on a Thursday night. The combination of food and wine made us both pretty sleepy and I suggested we went to bed….

Do you agree with the pizza toppings?

Mr Downright real

  • Helen

    Oooh this all sounds a bit more interesting although I am more interested in the pizza of I’m honest. Sweetcorn?! No! Pepperoni and pineapple with a fine drizzle of hot sauce over the lot. Stuffed crust if at all possible with more hot sauce to dip.

    • It does doesn’t it?1!
      Pineapple? Nononono what you been smoking Helen?

      • Helen

        You’re wrong. Trust me. Try it

        • I have tried it. I would eat it….because there would be pizza beneath the pineapple…but I would not approve!

          • Yeah I agree! Every time!!! Going about my business….aaand she’s hammered 😒

  • Nicky Gentle

    Not really. Or baggy jeans.

  • Nicky Gentle

    Agreed x

  • Claire

    Haha is that last sentence designed to distract the reader?

    I’m a purist with pizza. And yes about people getting hammered.

    • It’d aimed at the all important topic of pizza toppings 👌

  • Caroline

    Oh! and when do we find out what happened next?
    Also no to pepperoni on my half!

    • Is there a Wednesday next week? 😉
      Hmm….I hope you’re gonna replace that pepperoni with something!

  • Richard McNeill

    This really is new territory…Tandoori chicken?!?? Also there’s clearly an attraction (enhancement or otherwise) but would it have been there a few G&T’s previously? Plus we don’t know what happens next! This is like an Eastenders doof-doof moment

    • You got an issue with my tandoori Richard?? I’d say it was more physical than there being a chemistry if that makes sense. There is a uninamous assumption going on that’s for sure 😂

  • Rachael Calvert

    No to pineapple it infects the rest of the pizza big fat no. Also sleepy my arse! We all know what happened there……question is will there be a repeat performance??

    • Agreed o the pineapple. Interesting….and could it even be classed as a performance 😂

      • Rachael Calvert

        Depends how loudly you snore😂 I was thinking musical performance from that 😂😋

        • Whaaat. Someone who’s mind isn’t in the gutter? 😂

  • Gill

    Not much of a pizza fan but oh so curious to know what happened the next morning.

    • You disappoint me! Glad you’re looking forward to the next installment tho!

  • adriftdaisy

    I love how everyone is focusing on the pizza of this date! But cannot wait for the next post!

  • I have a difficult time with eye contact on a first date..i don’t know if it’s my social anxiety or just not feeling completely comfortable yet. But…sweet corn on pizza??? I’m in the states and never heard of such a thing. Your pizzas sound much fancier than ours… btw, where’s the rest of the story??!!

    • Yeah I can understand that alright. Haha I do like a fine gourmet pizza…but I also like ones with loads of good old fashioned meat on then 😂😋 You’ll have to stay tuned for the rest!