Date 14: The Brazilian

If you are wondering what happened with Shelly after The Neighbour, nothing happened! I usually at least send a random thank you text but I really didn’t even feel like that was warranted.

Date 14: The Brazilian

 I started talking to Lucy on tinder. We barely talked at all before swapping numbers which seems to be a common theme now. She was Brazilian and living here about three years. She was very pretty and I figured it was time for another date with someone a bit more exotic than the norm. After my date with The Bulgarian Princess, it could only get better anyway. We actually swapped numbers about four weeks ago. We chatted once or twice on whats app but there wasn’t a lot of conversation happening. Both of us were quite busy. This was actually before I met Shelly from The Neighbour. The conversation didn’t seem to be going anywhere and so I left it at that and came across Shelly shortly thereafter.

After The Neighbour, I decided it might be worth contacting Lucy again. Dating ‘foreigners’ always has me on the fence. I guess it depends on how good their English is. If I need to explain why something I just said was funny then it’s not going to fly! I do feel like it is harder to have a good connection with someone if there is even the slightest of language barriers. Also, I feel like I am always doing the majority of the talking with anyone whose first language isn’t English.

I asked Lucy why she had been quiet over the past few weeks. She told me that it wasn’t intentional and suggested we met up on Tuesday. She was meeting a friend on Wednesday and away at the weekend. I didn’t really feel like not talking to each other for another two weeks and then going on a date. I’d only end up back on pof/tinder in the mean time otherwise. Tuesday was a bit early in the week for me but it seemed like the only option. Being a gym day I couldn’t meet Lucy until 9 o’clock. I always feel like no matter what, I am always rushed when it comes to a post gym date. The earliest I can get to the gym is 7 o’clock so it is always a balancing act.

I text Lucy about 45 minutes in advance asking for another 15 minutes but she had already left her house. She said it wasn’t a problem and she would find a bar for us. When I arrived Lucy was sitting on a bar stool and I recognised her instantly. She was drinking a g&t and I got myself a corona. I found us a couch that was much more comfortable.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by how she looked, she was very pretty. Lucy had dark hair with blonde highlights (balayage, yes I know what that is). She had really dark beautiful eyes accompanied by the eyeliner flick (interesting because the only common denominator with girls I date is that they always have blue eyes). She was wearing a white lacy top, a black skirt, tights and boots. Lucy had ridiculously white teeth as well. She was very perky and seemed quite excited!

It was quickly apparent that Lucy had a very good grasp of the English language. I apologised for keeping her waiting and she brushed it off and said it wasn’t a problem. We talked about each other’s days. Lucy told me that she worked in IT for a hotel. Apparently she used to work for a big IT company for five years in Brazil before moving here. She was also still doing an English course and due to finish that in July.

It was obvious that she was a very independent person. Lucy was the middle child of seven other siblings who were all married and living in Brazil. She was the only sibling who hadn’t settled young and instead ventured abroad. Lucy had done a lot of travelling in Europe. She came here knowing one person who had since left the country and she now lives on her own. I imagined it being quite lonely for her. She confirmed this but said she worked six days a week and was very busy. If that was me and I didn’t have a big network of friends or work colleagues to socialize with (/bounce sarcastic comments off) then I would find it very tough. She didn’t even have a tv in her house, but she had a laptop for streaming.

While Lucy was quite chatty, it was definitely me who was provoking all of the conversation. If I asked a question she would give me a detailed answer, but it was me asking all of the questions. The one thing I found a little strange was that Lucy didn’t ask me a single question about what I do for a living. It is a pretty bog standard question on dates. The thought did cross my mind to make up a very odd occupation later on and see what her reaction was (Stripper? Hair stylist? Both of which I could pull off thank you….ye not really).

Lucy got to the end of her g&t very quickly but declined when I offered to get her another. I was surprised, but I was confident that she was enjoying the date none the less. I am very perceptive after all. It actually suited me because I had the car and wouldn’t be drinking more anyway. We stayed on chatting for another half hour or so.

I was amazed to hear Lucy’s opinion of Brazilian men. I asked if she had ever dated any non-Brazilians. It turned out she only ever dated non-Brazilians. Apparently back home Brazilian guys treat girls like absolute crap. It is really common for guys to date a few girls at the same time. I wasn’t aware of any such culture. I have heard Brazilian girls talking negatively about Brazilian guys but never along these lines. It sounded like a very strange generalisation to make. I pointed out that her siblings must have found a few good eggs anyway!

In contrast to her family, I explained that my friends had only started getting engaged. I also gave her some updates on the stag planning since The Neighbour. Some of the suggestions a fellow groomsman had thrown in the pot were some of the worst ideas I had ever heard from a human being in my life. I showed Lucy a few of the texts and we had a good laugh about them.

We suddenly realised that it was 11 o’clock. Lucy woke up at 6am every morning so I felt bad for keeping her out that late. She lived in the opposite direction to me but was only 15 minutes away and it was still reasonably early for me. I offered to give Lucy a lift and she gladly accepted. This also allowed the conversation to continue and it was nice to spend a bit more time together.

Weirdly enough, although Lucy had been reasonably chatty on the date, she seemed to relax even more once the strict ‘date section’ of our time was over. We had a few random conversations that were quite amusing while I dropped her home. When we got to her apartment Lucy thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I got home very quickly as there was no traffic on the roads. Lucy had already text me to say thanks again for the lift home.  

I wasn’t fully sure how I felt about that date. Lucy was very attractive and seemed very perky and happy during the date. We were stone cold sober and it was one of those dates where you would be curious to see how it would have unfolded if it were a Friday night drinks date with no time limit. Although mid week dates have their up sides, this was the obvious downside. As much as I fancied Lucy, I’m not sure how much chemistry I felt. I certainly wasn’t as full of banter as I can be. However, after last week’s horrendous date, this date definitely gave me a lift.

Mr Downright Irish

  • Helen

    Ooh a second date is surely on the cards here!

    • I’m really not sure Helen! Should probably give it a go but not massively excited at the prospect, something is missing!

      • Rachael Calvert


        • Attraction, yes. Spark….not sure!

          • Rachael Calvert

            Attraction can lead to spark i guess.

          • You usually know straight away though so I’m on the fence

          • Nicky Gentle

            Sounds painfull. Another date will have you decide.

  • Mrs P

    Ooooh Mr. D, this could be interesting!!

    • I’m not sure Mrs P really not sure!

      • Mrs P

        Only one way to find out!!

        • Ask for nudes? 😂

          • Mrs P

            Lol…OK, 2 ways then 😂

          • 😂😂😂 I won’t I promise!

  • Lyndsey O’Neill

    You finally find a fellow G&T drinker and you opted for Corona 😂 I agree with being on the fence with a language barrier. I talk pretty fast or so iv been told lol so i feel like id be trying too hard to speak slow and clear that i wouldnt be able to get my personality across but Brazilians do have very good english.

    • Haha I know right 😂 it was only one so I decided to mix it up as the beer would last longer. Gin is for beast mode 😂 Yeah it’s tough with the slightest language barrier I think. Maybe the banter would come over time 🤔

    • Nicky Gentle

      Amused me as well

  • Richard McNeill

    I’m with the others, this could even interesting! Definitely worth another date, and see what happens – not all first dates need to be like an electric storm, give it time. Was there substance, and if so have patience Mr DDB!!

    • I’m inclined to agree Richard. I think it’s worth further investigation! Maybe it needs a bit more time with the language barrier to fully get each other

      • Richard McNeill

        Just relax about the language barrier… and it’s about accent and dialect, her English is good even though it’s not her mother tongue

        • I think you’re right…I’ll see what happens!

      • Richard McNeill

        Also… in terms of accent… northside vs southside? North vs South? England vs Scotland? Shall I go on…

  • Nicky Gentle

    I say a second date tooo

    • Yes boss 😝

      • Nicky Gentle

        You know it 😀

        • You wish it 😝

          • Nicky Gentle

            I just assumed it haha

          • Nicky Gentle

            On a serious note if someone wasn’t interested in my job or background I wouldn’t like it. I definitely have a issue with the culture difference but judge on the person . My recent experience with you know who case in point . If it feels right do it. If your gut instinct says nothing there don’t. Hope that’s helps ‘Mike’ 😂😂😂

  • Rachael Calvert

    so sounds like a good date, and you as a hair dresser….this would be entertaining. I would be more worried cos she wasnt asking many questions. Possibly she was just nervous.
    Possible 2nd date? What do you think?

    • I think it may have been nerves. It did stand out to me alright. I hope so anyway because you’d think someone would want to know about that aspect of your life surely?

      • Rachael Calvert

        yeah you would want to know about their job not cos its about money but more as we all spend more time in work than we do at home. So yeah asking about what you do would be important and then about hobbies and family and friends, Sounds like you got her whole life story….how much did she get off yours.

        • Yeah exactly….well obviously not as much. She did ask about my family but not work or education at all. Maybe she doesn’t care she’s just lonely and wants a companion?

          • Rachael Calvert

            hmmm thats possible. I dont know, either see how much contact you get and take it from there about 2nd date.

          • That’s my plan exactly

  • Savana Caldas

    As a Brazilian, I can clarify that sometimes we might feel a bit ashamed to ask what people do for life. Some people can take this question as if we were trying to guess how much they earn or how educated he/she is and we don’t want to be rude. Or maybe she just forgot to ask. 🙂

    • Ah ok that makes sense thank you Savana! How about what she had to say about Brazilian men?

    • Richard McNeill

      That make sure sense Savana, first date nerves perhaps – and also recognising cultural differences and how questions can be interpreted