Date 13: The Neighbour

If you are wondering what happened with Ellie after The Runner, this is what happened:
The Runner Part 2

I text Ellie the next day and asked if there was any sign of her bank card. There wasn’t and she had already cancelled it. In fairness, she was a lovely girl and very pretty. However, there was no chemistry between us and we had very little in common. I left the conversation to fizzle out that day. It was pretty obvious that we weren’t going to meet again after that date. I didn’t hear from Ellie again, and she didn’t hear from me.

Date 13: The Neighbour

I had a few brief conversations with Shelly on plenty of fish. It didn’t seem like anything was going to happen. She then mailed me on Friday asking what my weekend plans were. It was pretty obvious from the spontaneous question that she wanted to meet up. It turned out that she only lived a five-minute walk from me. We agreed to go for a local coffee but Shelly realised an hour later that she was supposed to be babysitting that night. We rescheduled the coffee date to Sunday. A few of my twitter followers had suggested an alcohol-free date (@NG_Bookkeeping, @richmcnbristol, @Aurry42) so a Sunday date with a practical neighbour provided a good opportunity for this to happen.

We planned to meet after dinner on Sunday evening. It started to rain so I offered to pick Shelly up on the way to get coffee. When I pulled into her road, what can only be described as a stranger entered my car. I didn’t know who she was, but she certainly didn’t look familiar to me! I acted normal and asked how her day was. It was only a five minute drive to the coffee shop. We went inside and ordered some cappuccinos. We sat at the only free table which was perched right in a corner. I had a perfect people watching spot with a view of the whole spot and I was going to need it. Shelly had a nice view of….me….and a corridor that led to the bathroom. 

As soon as Shelly got into my car I knew that I was in no way attracted to her. I sat there trying to visualise her pictures and compare them to the randomer sitting in front of me (while maintaining normal conversation and solid banter, obviously). I couldn’t quite figure out if I had been catfished or if she had simply used really old pictures. When Shelly went to the bathroom I opened up plenty of fish and scrolled through her pictures. They looked like some sort of descendant of hers, but staring at her pictures I still wouldn’t recognise the person that was going to sit back down in front of me.

The thing about having no interest in a person is that you’re not bothered asking them too many questions about themselves. Given that I had absolutely no interest in whoever this individual sitting in front of me was, I decided to let her help me brainstorm activities for a stag I was planning. Her suggestions were….of no use whatsoever. However, I did come up with some gems so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

I then proceeded to make full use of my people watching perch and made several observations. Pretty much everyone in the coffee shop was on their own. They all seemed to be regulars because they all knew the code to the bathroom without asking (it was 1436 evidently). The two baristas were gay men who appeared to have a bit of chemistry going on. Gandalf was in the building but there was no sign of any hobbits apart from two old Asian ladies who were shouting at each other. I also had a staring contest with a strange lady who was facing perpendicular to us but seemed to be staring at me. She appeared to have been eating porridge prior to the staring contest (on a Sunday night?). Meanwhile, Shelly was telling me all about her travelling plans for the summer.

The conversation did actually manage to flow reasonably well. Shelly was quite laid back and the whole thing was pretty chilled. With that said, I didn’t want to be there and was really quite bored. Thankfully, we were soon told by one of the baristas that the shop was closing up. I dropped Shelly back to her apartment. There was no awkward goodbye, she simply wished me luck with planning the rest of the stag for the night and went on her merry way.

I have to say that it is very deflating to have the run of rather underwhelming dates which I have had. With that said, I do have a number of very supportive readers who motivate me to keep going and keep the spirits high. I don’t have an issue with coffee dates and I have nailed coffee dates in the past (not literally) but I do think you rarely come out of a coffee date saying that it was an amazing date. It was nice to mix things up though so I am happy I did that. Hopefully my next date will have a little more to hold my attention!

Mr Downright observant

  • Nicky Gentle

    That’s random maybe gin & tonics are a good idea haha thanks for the mention 😚

    • You’re welcome ha! I am definitely a g&t fan so any excuse for a cheeky few ones I’ll be there 👌

      • Nicky Gentle

        If your buying me too haha

        • Well apparently I’m a feeder so it may as well extend to g&ts 😂

          • Nicky Gentle


  • Helen

    You really are one of life’s losers aren’t you 😂 very observant Mr D xx

    • You’re some brat 😂 I can safely say I was not a winner that night 😖😅

  • Irish_lady

    Oh wow how awful maybe stick to the bar dates they see to go better sorry to hear that your date didnt go well.

    • Thank you! Ha if I did that I wouldn’t be posting very frequently!

  • Rachael Calvert

    Ah sweetheart sorry to hear it was a bad date. Tho at least you mixed it up. You sure you picked up the right girl?? Lol also staring competition love it!! Ps thank you for the mention:-)

    • Thank you for the kind words! Yep definitely picked up the right one 🤔😂 Ah was good to mix it up alright…Wouldn’t want you folks getting bored!

      • Rachael Calvert

        We could never get bored 🙂 promise. Also probs good to just leave Ellie to it.

        • Well I hope not. There needs to be a positive angle to these disastrous dates 😖

  • Richard McNeill

    That’s a shame – on the positive, not drinking was a good thing… how much more awkward would a no-chemistry date have been then? At least coffee dates have a finite time before they have to either end or move on

    • I agree….I would have been really annoyed if I dedicated a Friday or Saturday night to her, although I put a little less effort in with this one anyway! It was more….oh you live down the road…let’s grab a coffee, instead of getting to know her before meeting.

  • Ashley Read

    At least your disastrous dates leave me entertained 😂

    • Good dates or good stories Ashley that’s my motto! Glad you are enjoying them!