Date 12: The Runner

If you are wondering what happened with Marie after The Setup Part 2, this is what happened:
The Setup Part 3

It was clear that Gemma was only going to end up one way when she arrived at our date. She hadn’t eaten since lunch and had been drinking plenty wine, shots and vodka before our date. The fact that I had to wait for 40 minutes annoyed me as much as anything. It wasn’t considerate of her and was highly unattractive. I let it sit for a few days and then let her know I wasn’t too impressed. Gemma apologised and said she wasn’t the person I was supposedly making her out to be. We agreed to leave it at that.

Date 12: The Runner

I swapped numbers with Ellie after a brief chat on tinder. She seemed like a sweet, genuine girl. She was a very petite brunette and had a keen interest in running. We were both very busy with work and Ellie also spent a long weekend in Edinburgh. I was rather amused when I received some late evening drunken texts that Sunday. Ellie was mortified the next day to see she had been telling me how much of an ass her ex-boyfriend was. It didn’t really bother me. I knew she wasn’t too newly single. Given our work commitment and the weekend away we didn’t chat a whole lot before the date.

We met at a small bar in the heart of the city. I was late and Ellie luckily arrived a few minutes after me. The bar was far too busy so we decided on another bar a few minutes walk away. Ellie was giggling a lot and I could tell she was very nervous. She had a really strong Kerry accent. It was actually quite difficult to understand what she was saying between the accent and the nervous laughter. Ellie was wearing a black top, jeans and super high heels. She had nice blue eyes, dark hair, quite a lot of makeup on and really striking red lipstick. She was very skinny as well.

When we got to the bar I ordered a g&t and Ellie ordered a glass of white wine. This was a little concerning given the fact that it’s not a good idea for a girl to drink wine at the pace I can drink g&t’s. I didn’t need a repeat of Too Much Dutch or The Setup Part 2. I also figured that given the nerves there may well have been a cheeky vino consumed before the date. There were no free seats so we stood at the bar. 

Ellie told me that she was running a marathon in Paris in two weeks. I asked why she chose Paris and she said she told her boss in work that she was doing it and so then had to actually go and do it. That seemed bizarre but I didn’t ask anything further. Her fastest marathon time was 3 hours 20 minutes which was impressive. Ellie definitely one of those girls who always has something on. She was in Edinburgh the weekend before, was going home next weekend and Paris the weekend after. Even during the week she had all sorts of dinners etc. on so I knew if I didn’t meet her this weekend it would really drag on.

Ellie then asked me “do you come here often?” It is a really classical ‘I have no idea what to say’ type question. If you’re going to ask that question at least word it differently! We started talking about restaurants and food which she was clearly experienced in with meeting her friends for lunches and dinners so often. She said she put on weight easily which I found strange given she was stick thin and of she was running marathons. She was clearly training for them a lot and I knew she was in the gym regularly too. Maybe if she wasn’t training the weight would start appearing I guess.

Ellie said that she was only single three months and this was her first date which would explain the nervous giggles (and awkward questions). As I’ve stated before I really don’t get nervous about dates but a lot of girls I meet seem to. They often have various different habits which give it away which always amuses me. Ellie asked if she looked like her pictures which in fairness she was identical to. I wasn’t sure in this instance if she was looking for a compliment. I confirmed that she did anyway, which might have settled her in some way.

We exchanged a few stories about travelling with my friends and about a current predicament I was in with organising a stag. Shortly after that Ellie said that she did a bit of work with a certain company and I mentioned that a friend of mine and his girlfriend worked for them. She asked was it by any chance a certain guy called David and it was indeed him. Ellie then went into a fit of laughter that probably lasted about 12 seconds but it felt like it lasted forever. I think I asked her three times during the fit what was so funny, only for her to stop and then start laughing again. It was very awkward.

I reckon the barmen and a few others around us were staring at her. They probably thought I said something hilarious but is this rare instance it actually wasn’t the case! She said she was on a night out with friends and got stuck talking to him and he had asked for her number. They had text each other for a while but it fizzled out and they never met up. I can’t say that it sat particularly well with me. It was quite awkward especially when I mentioned that he was one of my best friends. I had also told her a few stories which involved him, including the travelling stories and stag planning, but hadn’t made any reference to him.  

We sat down at some comfortable chairs which became free as the place got quieter. She made friends with some Puerto Rican girl sitting beside us with her boyfriend while I was at the bathroom. She then decided she wanted some crisps and went to the bar and chatted to some random guy for a while until she was served. Of course they didn’t sell crisps and she came back empty-handed.

Ellie told me that she and her family had a great interest in GAA. Apparently her ex-boyfriend was a GAA player and she rambled on about the reputation they had and her family not liking him for a while. It seemed like the breakup was still fresh in her mind. I’m interested in a lot of sports but GAA is most definitely not one of them. We didn’t seem to have a lot in common. Ironically my mate David is my only friend that’s interested in GAA and they probably were much better suited. He’s in a long-term relationship if you’re wondering!

She mentioned several times that we were very different which was true but I wouldn’t exactly say it out straight. It is almost like saying wow this date is going badly. At the same time she said she was having a lovely time and sounded very pleasantly surprised. She must not have been expecting good things. I figured she hadn’t been on many dates in her life.

She asked if I wanted to move on elsewhere but I wasn’t feeling it. I really had no interest in going to a busier bar where we wouldn’t get a seat and it would be loud and require shouting at each other. I lapped her a few times with my g&t’s and got myself extra drinks. Thankfully she drank a few diet cokes between glasses of wine. It was a very odd mixture but kept her on reasonable levels of intoxication so I wasn’t complaining.

Around about 1am Ellie asked me a few times if I wanted another drink but I said that I was fine. She was drinking her wine really slowly which wasn’t a bad thing but I got to the stage where I just didn’t feel like drinking much more for the sake of it. Ellie was really hungry and suggested McDonald’s. I agreed to that but suggested two other options and we settled for something a bit more upmarket. I was surprised that she seemed like a McDonald’s fiend given that her food choices seemed really healthy when she told me what she had eaten in the various restaurants we had talked about. Food served as a way to end the date without suggesting we just left abruptly.

We got a short taxi to the food joint and as I paid Ellie announced that she thought she had lost her atm card. It wasn’t in the taxi anyway. Went into food place and Ellie searched her bag and pockets to no avail. She suggested she didn’t eat and walked home. I told her not to be silly and we ordered some food. Ellie was adamant that she would transfer money to my bank account which I laughed at. I never received any bank transfers after Too Much Dutch and that pricey extra-large 7up anyway. I ordered chicken tenders, Ellie had onion rings and sweet potato fries. She had mentioned that she ate huge amounts of food. As she finished off her onion rings and sexy garlic dip she told me that she was going to have porridge when she got home. I couldn’t quite stomach the thought.

I paid for the food and then we got another taxi and I dropped her off on a little detour home. It was obvious from the repeated “thank you’s” she was giving the taxi driver (and me) that she was a little drunk but nothing wrong with that come 2am. She thanked me for a lovely night. It took forever to get her out of the taxi and she said thank you to myself and the taxi driver about ten times which was awkward. She jumped half way out of the taxi half way though the thank you’s so it seemed like she didn’t know how to say goodbye, panicked and jumped out then hung around at the door saying goodbye and thank you repeatedly. Not the smoothest departure I have ever seen.

We shared goodnight texts before bed. I didn’t query it the porridge happened or not. We didn’t seem to have much in common, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With that said, there wasn’t much chemistry going on for me either. I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Mr Downright full

  • Nicky Gentle

    Oh crumbs

    • Well that’s a polite way if putting it 😂

  • Irish_lady

    Looks like you had a great escapse between the accent and the ex if seemed like she wasnt over him and being very drunk its not exactly how a date should of went.

    • Ha the accent wasn’t too bad once she wasn’t giggle too much at the same time! Definitive wasn’t 100% over the ex but she definitely wanted to move on at least! She wasn’t too drunk…we’ve had a lot worse recently! She held that wine quite well in fairness 😏

  • Richard McNeill

    Eek… seems like she isn’t yet ready to date, but at the same time good for her to go out and start trying again. Doesn’t seem like she would be either a “would date” or “fun time” so I’m guessing this will have fizzled out before the porridge was cold… Also sometimes disappointment is good as it reminds you how hard it is out there being single

    • Well it was good that she wanted to get out there none the less. At least I knew the deal! Trust me I know it’s a tough world out there Richard!!

    • Nicky Gentle

      Its fine being single but dating is questionable. Its a case of working out over time what you want in a partner. Like having a massive menu and deciding on a favourite 😃

      • I think I need to move from a la carte to fine dining 😝

        • Nicky Gentle

          Lmao narrow the choices but keèp the quality high

  • Nicky Gentle

    Stop buying food for these women hahà

    • I’m a feeder what can I say 😂😂😂

      • Rachael Calvert

        I agree, if they hungry because they are drunk let them get their own munchies. Your a gentleman more than a feeder.

        • I know but they were both stuck for cash 😂

          • Rachael Calvert

            Hmmm ok that was very good of you then. 😊

          • Why thank you 😎

        • Nicky Gentle

          If the date was going well I would say go for it but you drag them out to the bitter end! If I’m not feeling a good vibe I get out quick! Or meet for a coffee first and see hiw that goes x

          • I definitely don’t drag them out too much! I let the previous date go on cos it was a friend of a friend. I was hungry so happy to go grab food instead of heading to another bar like Ellie suggested!

          • Nicky Gentle

            Oh yes you did say statement retracted 😶😶😶

  • Rachael Calvert

    Oh dear, sorry your disappointed. Yeah if she is talking that much about her ex then she isn’t over him yet. Think you’ve had a lucky escape. As for the getting out of the taxi, I bet she was having trouble in her heels lol.
    Hmmm next!

    • Yeah, when they are negative comments especially it just shows that it’s still a bit raw. Haha not sure on the heels, could have been! Never thought about that one 🤔

      • Rachael Calvert

        Just know being a short arse I’ve difficulty sometimes getting in and out taxis in heels. Lol
        Hmm so just wondering but was she trying to say your best friend was trying to cheat on his girlfriend with her??

        • This is the kind of female insight I need 😂 No no it was before he got with the currently girlfriend! But my god she laughed so much it was awkward as hell!

          • Rachael Calvert

            Always happy to help. I’m pretty sure I know why she was laughing so much. As your best friend hit on her first and she no and now here she is on a date with his mate….oh the comedy(sarcastic tone) plus she had a drink so would have been 10times funnier to her..hmm as you awkwardly found out.

          • Oh I’m sure it warranted a few laughs…but that outburst was just awkward! It lasted forever!!! 😅

        • Nicky Gentle

          I’m a short arse too but I can’t walk in very high heels I look ridiculous so I stick to the mid height! Precisely to avoid these situations lol

          • Haha! I think Ellie had the walking down anyway!

          • Rachael Calvert

            It appears I can walk in high high heels the more I’ve had. Tho getting out of black cabs are a nightmare

          • Nicky Gentle

            I know what you mean 😂😂I have a bad back too so I go for comfort haha and avoid anyone freaking tall!