Date 11: The Setup Part 2

Date 11: The Setup Part 2

I arranged to meet Gemma on Friday. She had a work leaving party to show her face at but suggested we met at 8 o’clock. The party was about five minutes from where we planned to meet for drinks. Gemma asked me to let her know when I was nearby.

I was texting Gemma en route and told her at about 8 o’clock that I was a few minutes away. When I arrived I paced up and down for a while and then found a bench to sit on opposite the entrance to the bar. I ended up waiting for about 40 minutes which really annoyed me. I had been in work late, dashed home, rushed my dinner and just about made it in on time. She knew that I’d be there at 8 o’clock and I did text her to confirm this.

I could tell Gemma was drunk as soon as she arrived at about 8.45. She apologised for keeping me waiting but didn’t offer any more of an explanation. We sat down and ordered a couple of drinks. I learned that Gemma hadn’t eaten dinner and had already done a few shots of jaeger amongst a few glasses of wine and vodkas at the leaving drinks. Thoughts of Too Much Dutch were running through my head already.

The impression I was given was that Gemma wasn’t bothered about going to the work event. She would merely show her face and I had given her a good excuse to escape shortly thereafter. In reality she had attacked it all guns blazing like a champ. If I had known this would be the case I would never have agreed to meeting up that night. Alternatively, I would have tried to find some friends to go drinking with beforehand. I could see where this date was heading and I wasn’t particularly excited about it. I had a belly full of dinner and I can definitely hold my drink. It was unlikely I was going to get remotely close to catching up without some sort of heroic/disgraceful effort on my behalf.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with people drinking and having a good time. I found the whole situation surrounding Cathy getting drunk on Too Much Dutch quite funny. I was poking fun at her in the Chinese and chuckling away to myself throughout. In contrast to Too Much Dutch we were starting the date on completely different levels here. I wasn’t too enamoured by the fact that Gemma was doing jaeger bombs while I was waiting around for her outside a bar. I found it quite inconsiderate of her.

In fairness, not that I would ever show up to a date half cut at 9 o’clock, but if I did there would be fierce banter coming out of me. The alcohol only seemed to affect Gemma’s balance and cognitive capabilities…and not for the better. There wasn’t much banter coming from Gemma at all. The conversation was fairly sobering but unfortunately this had no effect on Gemma’s blood-alcohol levels. We had only drank two or three drinks when Gemma decided she wanted to go dancing. I reluctantly decided to oblige and we moved to a much busier late night bar. I was still pretty much stone cold sober and Gemma was very well on her way. 

We had a few more drinks at the new bar and stood beside a ledge to rest our drinks on. Gemma used a nearby bin to perch herself on between intermittent bursts of questionable dancing. Several people attempted to use the bin but were denied access rather sternly. This was quite a distance from the sophisticated older woman I initially had the impression of on The Setup. When it got to about 1am I’d had enough and Gemma definitely looked like she was ready for home as well.

Of course Gemma made me stop for McDonald’s en route to the taxi rank. I put her in a taxi afterwards and almost felt relieved. It’s not like she needed looking after but it really wasn’t an enjoyable date for me at all. I spent it observing her drunken antics more than actually having fun with her.

Do you think I was being overly critical?

Mr Downright critical

  • Irish_lady

    You had a very lucky escape its never fun being around someone who is overly drunk can never have a proper conversation with them. Lets hope you’re next date will be better.

    • Oh it’s the worst when you’re the sober one having to look after drunk people….nightmare 😤

  • Nicky Gentle

    Bad show by her xx

  • Nicky Gentle

    If a guy turned up like I’d have left by 11

    • I think of it wasn’t a friends cousin I wouldn’t have stayed out as long as I did 😒

      • Nicky Gentle

        You are a gent 😊

  • Rachael Calvert

    Seriously that’s ridiculous. I would have left quite sharpish if guy turned up that late and locked especially for a 2nd date. It’s ok if you’ve been together a while or something but not a second date.

    • I’m glad you said that, I was kind fuming that I had to wait so long, especially when she was only down the road and she knew what time I’d be there at. Arriving drunk was too much though 😖

      • Rachael Calvert

        If she was busy she should have arranged for a different night. At least you know you dodged a bullet now.

  • Richard McNeill

    Not impressed with her and sorry you DDB! For me, I might have left when she arrived in that state without any prior text, or certainly later in the evening – she is 35 and old enough to look after herself after all. You’re looking someone to date, not to parent! Ok maybe I’m being overly critical now, but what she did next would determine how things go – but it’s up to her to follow up with you now, and not the other way round

    • Yeah agreed, wouldn’t be making any effort going forward after that! You’d swear the ages were backwards!

  • Mary Dallas

    That broad was very rude! Omg 😲 I would’ve left just shy of a half hour. You were brave to go to a second location with her….wow. I would put her in my rear view mirror, if I were you. Unbelievable. 🙄

    • I know, but tough when its a good friend’s cousin!