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Welcome to the Downright Dating Blog, a diary of young man’s online dating experiences from Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

The Background

I have been single a long time and have been on my fair share of dates over the past few years. I go through spells of actively wanting to date and spells where I lose motivation or interest or am simply too busy. Pretty much all of my friends are in stable relationships and always have been. As a result I don’t talk to my friends about my dating life very often. They occasionally ask if someone is ‘on the go’ and usually get the same response – “no” or “not really.”

The majority of my friends have never experienced online dating and never seen my tinder or plenty of fish profile. They tend to think of it as an odd way of meeting people overall. I’m sure they’d be curious to hear about my experiences but I tend not to divulge as quite frankly I don’t like telling people about a date I have this week only for me to have to report back and tell them it was underwhelming, repeatedly! However, I have actually had a lot of interesting online dating experiences over the years.

I wrote a private blog when travelling with one of my best mates a few years ago. I don’t see him very often and so the idea jokingly came to me that I could keep him up to date on my dating escapades through another blog. With that seed planted in my mind I came around to the idea that other people might actually be interested in hearing about my dating experiences as  well….and here I am!

The Online Dating Blog

Firstly I have never blogged properly before or even written anything per say, so I apologise if my writing style (not that I am aware of having one) is irritating for whatever reason. English was not my favoured subject in school and I was never particularly good at writing or telling stories. That said there is nothing fictional about what I will be telling you. I don’t know if that means that the content will be less interesting because nothing will be sugar coated, or whether that will make it more interesting because…nothing will be sugar coated! Does a boring date equate to a boring story, I don’t think so? I will tell you about each date I have and my various recollections of thoughts and impressions from them.

I will not be giving out exact details of locations etc in order to at least for now to maintain a level on anonymity. The purpose of this blog is more to document online dating experiences than review dating locations or activities. Again, unlike most stories, this author has no idea where this journey will lead. I may find love a few dates in, ironic as it would be, but who knows. I guess it will add to the interest of reading each week, maybe?

My Audience

Online dating is a lot more prevalent than it used to be. I think that people might actually be interested to hear about real life dating experiences, particularly from a male perspective. You may be a girl wondering what goes through a guys head at times. Perhaps you are an older individual wondering what the dating scene is like these days. You may be someone who has never dated before, someone simply fond of the pursuit of love or many other possibilities. Hopefully my blog will be of some interest whoever you are. Maybe you will learn something from my experiences or maybe you can give me some advice. Regardless, I hope you will join me on this journey and enjoy it with me! 

Content Updates

I went on a number of dates during the development of this website. As a result the initial posts will document dates I went on during my first month in blog mode. Thereafter, I will be posting regular real time content. I will post content update notifications on my Facebook and Twitter together with related content. You can also subscribe to the blog via email. I would very much appreciate your support so please spread the word if you are enjoying the blog. Feel free to give me any feedback, positive or otherwise!